Hamas considers a ceasefire possible in “one or two days” | Free press


Shortly before the visit of Foreign Minister Heiko Maas to Israel, a high-ranking Hamas member does not rule out a truce. But only under certain conditions.

Tel Aviv / Gaza (dpa) – Before Foreign Minister Heiko Maas visited Israel, a high-ranking member of the Hamas ruling in the Gaza Strip did not rule out an early ceasefire with Israel.

‘I think there will probably be a truce in the next two days. God knows when the mediators can reach an agreement, ” Israeli media quoted Hamas leader Mussa Abu Marzuk. However, he demanded that Israel take the first step. “If Israel stops firing at Gaza, we will stop firing at Tel Aviv,” Israeli news site Ynet quoted him as saying.

On the other hand, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is calling for a stop to rocket fire from the Gaza Strip first. On Wednesday, Netanyahu rejected a call by US President Joe Biden for a “clear de-escalation … towards a ceasefire.” “I am determined to continue this operation until it reaches its destination,” he said on Twitter.

On Thursday evening there were again air-raid alarms in communities near the Gaza Strip and also in Beersheva, 40 kilometers away. Tens of thousands of Israelis had to enter the shelters. At first nothing was known about missile impacts. The Israeli Air Force again attacked targets in the coastal strip that night. There was initially no information about new victims.

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, 219 people have been killed and about 1,530 injured in the reciprocal shelling in the Gaza Strip. According to official figures, 12 people were killed and hundreds were injured in Israel.

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