Hallway: One of the best record stores in Lisbon has moved to Arroios


Hallway: One of the best record stores in Lisbon has moved to Arroios

The room used to be in Santa Apolónia, now it’s in a busier place in the city. It is planned to hold concerts in the store.

One of the most prestigious record stores in Lisbon, Corridor Discos, left its home in Santa Apolónia many years ago to move to the Mercado de Arroios. They opened the new room on Thursday April 5th and are already working at full capacity.

“We decided to leave two and a half years ago. But since we had a contract elsewhere, we only started looking a year and a half ago. We found out a year ago and the move here took some time because of the pandemic, “says André Santos, one of the people responsible for the project, to NiT.

The decision to leave Santa Apolónia had to do with some disappointments in that part of the city. “We had the feeling that this area had been very quiet for a long time. About seven or eight years ago. We thought the time was right, there was no point in staying there and we wanted to be more in the center of town. “

They looked in different places, but it wasn’t long before Arroios proved to be the right choice. “I live nearby and since I feel the neighborhood is constantly changing, I thought the ideal was to come here. Because we didn’t want to be downtown, it was never something we wanted. That was one of the reasons we never wanted to go either [Santa Apolónia]because we didn’t want to go downtown, and that was the only alternative. But a year and a half ago, Arroios began to make sense. Lots of stores appear and during the pandemic, when we received and mailed many home deliveries, we found that many of our customers lived nearby. So it made even more sense, but we had already made up our minds. “

André Santos underlines the “easy accessibility” of this district in Lisbon and at the same time is an urban area with a lot of movement and inhabitants.

Both sell CDs and vinyl.

The space, he explains, is not bigger – but the area can be used better. “Because in the other store, since it was a corridor, we could only hang things on the walls and then there was a part of the store that we couldn’t use because of the sun.”

There is a wider range of vinyl on the new Arroios market. More than 600 discs are displayed. “And we can have so much more.”

“There won’t be any significant changes to what we sell. We’re going to put more emphasis on jazz, funk, soul and pop rock, but that was something we’ve already done. Especially because dance music doesn’t sell that much anymore, it doesn’t make sense to have this site so present. But we’re not going to let go of it or take it off. “They continue to sell records of various genres with a very authoritative curatorial staff who take into account the personal tastes of those responsible. The catalog is available online on the official website, where orders can also be placed.

There is more vinyl on display in the new room.

In addition, they intend to hold events in the store, even if it is currently not possible due to the pandemic. “Performances and possibly concerts. The shop is small for concerts, but we’re looking at a hypothesis. “

In the early days of the new Hallway Discos, store officials said they had great feedback. “There’s always this question of novelty, and people may come for it more, but a lot more people come. And people who didn’t go to Santa Apolónia because it was far, and now they’re coming because it is already close. And now we open two hours earlier, we have a lot of exercise in the morning. We relied on it, but it exceeds our expectations. “

And he adds: “The feeling of being here on the street and walking around here is amazing. It’s something we didn’t have in Santa Apolónia. And that’s exactly what we wanted, to have a shop on the street and watch people go by. “

You can listen to discs before buying them.

This place was previously two different rooms on the market – an aesthetics store that had been a butcher shop many years ago (the hooks for hanging meat are still there) and an office of the Lisbon City Hall that was not in use and that the municipality gave in. The wall between the two rooms was at the bottom and so the new hallway Discos was born in shops 28 and 29 of the Mercado de Arroios. It is currently open between 11am and 7pm during the week. It is open on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and closed on Sundays.

Flur Discos was founded in 2001 by José Moura and Pedro Santos in the Lux Frágil nightclub, whose founder Manuel Reis was responsible for the building in which the record store was operated. André Santos joined as a partner in 2006. In the meantime, Pedro Santos left the project. Before it was a hallway, the room in Santa Apolónia was a Valentim de Carvalho store where José Moura already worked.