Guide to playing midlane Zac in League of Legends Season 13

Zac is a League of Legends melee tank champion who largely thrives within the jungle, toplane, and help. His package is constructed for crowd management and AoE (area-of-effect harm), making him a robust selection in staff battles and sieges. His capacity to maneuver throughout the battlefield and have interaction a number of targets makes him a harmful selection.

Since he’s often identified for being performed on toplane, jungle, and help, Zac is a sleeper OP choice on midlane. Maintaining this in thoughts, he’s a extremely useful selection as a result of opponents seldom anticipate him enjoying that position, which makes him a wonderful quadruple-flex choice.

Zac is a harmful opponent within the midlane due to his tankiness and crowd-control expertise. He thrives in each staff battles and 1v1 eventualities, making him a well-rounded decide for midlane dominators.


Cell Division is one in every of Zac’s most outstanding expertise. When he takes harm, he splits into tiny variations of himself, permitting him to flee perilous circumstances and reposition himself in confrontations. His E (Elastic Slingshot), which attracts adversaries in the direction of him and causes harm, can be a strong crowd-control ability.

Due to his final capacity, R (Let’s Bounce!), Zac possesses a excessive stage of tankiness along with his highly effective crowd administration. It permits him to leap to adjoining adversaries and do harm whereas additionally slowing them down. Additional, it supplies him with sooner motion pace, making him a strong power in staff battles.

General, midlaning with Zac is a wonderful decide for gamers who want to command the rift and act as a tanky provoke. He’s a power to be reckoned with within the midlane, due to his formidable crowd-control expertise and tankiness. He is usually a highly effective opponent within the midlane and an ideal asset in staff battles with the suitable itemization.

This text will function a complete information to enjoying midlane Zac in League of Legends season 13.

Runes, itemization, and gameplay information for midlane Zac in League of Legends Season 13

The important thing to correctly enjoying Zac is to be taught his expertise and apply them within the acceptable circumstances. He is a wonderful selection for League of Legends gamers who take pleasure in enjoying aggressively and initiating battles.

1) Runes


On the subject of runes, Zac is a robust League of Legends champion with two viable choices when enjoying on midlane. The primary is the Conqueror setup, with Precision as the first rune, and Resolve because the secondary.

This configuration permits Zac to conduct frequent prolonged offers since Conqueror enhances his playstyle. The setup can be a good selection whereas dealing with melee League of Legends champions like Sylas, Pantheon, and others.

Resolve because the secondary rune supplies good maintain and amplifies therapeutic because of being granted entry to Second Wind and Revatilze.

Zac's Conqueror rune path (Image via Riot Client)
Zac’s Conqueror rune path (Picture by way of Riot Shopper)

Main Rune (Precision)

Conqueror – Triumph – Legend Tenacity – Final Stand

Secondary Rune (Resolve)

Second Wind – Revatilze


The Electrocute rune configuration is the second selection for midlane Zac. Domination is the first and Resolve is the secondary. League of Legends gamers ought to remember that this rune setup is barely viable in opposition to a squishy enemy staff composition. Moreover, that is solely fitted to his AP construct.

Selecting Domination as the first rune grants entry to Electrocute, which is helpful for dealing quick burst harm to squishy opponents. Because of Second Wind and Revitalization, Resolve because the secondary delivers glorious sustainability and therapeutic.

Zac's Electrocute rune setup (Image via Riot Client)
Zac’s Electrocute rune setup (Picture by way of Riot Shopper)

Main Rune (Domination)

Electrocute – Sudden Impression – Eyeball Assortment – Final Hunter

Secondary Rune (Resolve)

Second Wind – Revitalize

2) Itemization


Zac has two different builds in the case of itemization. The primary is the Conqueror rune itemization assemble. One’s objective on this configuration ought to be to play their staff’s foremost tank initiator who affords peel for the carries.

When enjoying in opposition to AP League of Legends champions like Sylas and wishing to commerce incessantly all through the laning part, Demonic Embrace is recommended as the primary merchandise. Nonetheless, whereas dealing with an AD-heavy staff, it’s advisable to hurry Sunfire Aegis.

  • Demonic Embrace (Go for Sunfire Aegis rush when in opposition to AD-heavy staff comps)
  • Ionian Boots
  • Radiant Advantage (Core Mythic merchandise)
  • Sunfire Aegis
  • Spirit Visage
  • Thornmail

The AP model is Zac’s second itemization construct. With this setup, the target ought to be to repeatedly burst opponents. This works finest with the Electrocute rune setup, nevertheless, in some circumstances, it might additionally perform with the Conqueror rune composition.


Beginning with a Darkish seal is advisable for this construct as a result of the objective is to snowball as a lot as doable. Dashing Evening Harvester ought to be the purpose, to make sure burst harm on opponents in League of Legends.

  • Evening Harvester (Core Mythic merchandise)
  • Sorcerer’s Footwear
  • Shadowflame
  • Zhonya’s Hourglass
  • Horizon Focus
  • Deathcap


Taking part in Zac within the midlane in League of Legends requires a mixture of aggression and persistence.


One of many key methods when enjoying Zac within the midlane is to benefit from his capacity to poke enemies along with his Q capacity, Stretching Strike.

It is a wonderful poking approach that permits him to break foes from a distance. Additional, the flexibility additionally permits him to leap into adversaries, giving him glorious expertise for combating. One ought to do not forget that Stretching Strike can be an auto-attack reset.

His W (Unstable Matter) is a implausible area-of-effect capacity that causes harm to all League of Legends foes within the area. In a staff battle, it’s efficient at clearing waves and inflicting harm on many adversaries.

His E (Elastic Slingshot) is a robust hole nearer that permits him to leap to a location and ship harm to any foes inside it. This ability is great for beginning fights and catching opponents off guard. R (Let’s Bounce!), his final capacity, is robust and permits him to bounce to an space and trigger harm to all foes within the neighborhood.


This ability is great for beginning fights and catching opponents off guard. With that being stated, League of Legends gamers ought to remember that when Zac is in his E animation, he can use his Q or R as nicely. It is suggested to be taught this combo within the follow instrument mode. One other utilization of his E capacity is roaming to different lanes.

Whereas midlane Zac is an pleasing selection for many League of Legends gamers, it’s endorsed to play him in follow instrument mode and commonplace video games to raised grasp the champion and his combos.

Nonetheless, as soon as comfortable, he’s a viable possibility for making certain common LP good points for one’s League of Legends’ ranked climb.

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