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“Grey’s Anatomy”: Why did you decide to infect Meredith with this virus?

“Grey’s Anatomy”: Why did you decide to infect Meredith with this virus?

It was the main revelation of that week’s episode in the medical drama aired in Portugal by Fox Life.

The season goes into the third episode.

The 17th season of “Grey’s Anatomy” was intense. In the first two episodes, fans had the unlikely surprise that it was Derek “McDreamy” Shepherd’s return to history – albeit in Meredith Gray’s dream, of course.

Now, in the third chapter, broadcast by Fox Life in Portugal on the night of that Wednesday November 25th, we have all learned that the protagonist was feeling sick and unconscious in the parking lot from the hospital went to Covid-19.

After Meredith treated infected patients in the first two episodes, she developed the new corona virus herself. In addition to the pandemic that has affected virtually everything in our lives, it has also reached fiction – from “The Good Doctor” to “This Is Us” there have been several series that incorporate this side of the present into their narratives.

In an interview with the American magazine “The Hollywood Reporter”, showrunner Krista Vernoff explained why the team from “Grey’s Anatomy” decided that Meredith Gray would be infected in this 17th season of the medical drama.

“Last week we had Meredith Gray’s pain as a doctor treating a first outbreak of patients in Covid. This week we started to find out what it is like for her to be a Covid patient too, ”contextualized Vernoff.

“To date, more than 1,700 healthcare professionals have died of Covid in the United States. Many thousands more were infected. These health professionals are at the forefront of the crisis and living in a war they were not trained for, ”he added. “We saw an opportunity to dramatize and highlight her condition through the incredibly beloved and well-known character of Meredith Gray.”

Krista Vernoff explains that the goal was also to send a clear message that Covid-19 is having a really drastic impact and that care must continue. “Doctors and nurses fight and fall in love with us. The least we can do is wear a mask, keep social distance and stay home whenever possible. “

While Meredith becomes conscious and unconscious again, she returns to the beach where she met her dead husband McDreamy in 2015 in season 11. Your visions will continue.

“Meredith has a real fight ahead of her,” said Krista Vernoff. “And … she has this beach. Darkness and light. It’s a powerful season. “

This season has been characterized as a tribute to health professionals fighting this pandemic. The show’s writers and producers even spoke to several doctors to collect their testimonials and write the scripts from there.

In addition, Grey’s Anatomy and other doctors donated the protective equipment they use for the recordings to American hospitals – especially during the phase when masks and robes were missing, including necessary safety tools.

The series was suspended in the spring when the first outbreaks hit the US. The 16th season had to be shortened and did not end as planned. During the quarantine, the scriptwriters and producers worked on building the new season – and wanted to represent the historical period we are all going through.

However, Krista Vernoff admits he was initially unwilling to tackle the pandemic in the conspiracy. It was the scriptwriters who had to convince them.

“It was because of fatigue. Because it seemed irresponsible for the medical community to be the greatest line of doctors and ignore the greatest medical history of the century. We just felt we had to tell this story. The conversation became: How do we tell this painful and brutal story that has so intensely and permanently changed our medical community? And create some form of escape? And create romance, comedy and some joy in it? This is the challenge for this season. “

Also, read NiT’s article on how McDreamy’s return was prepared – which was kept a secret until the last minute, even for the team that made this season. Actor Patrick Dempsey has already confirmed that he will appear several times in the next few episodes.


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