Berlin (dpa) – The Greens in the federal government are urging the CDU to pave the way for an increase in agency costs in the coalition dispute in Saxony-Anhalt. The coalition is in danger of collapsing in the dispute over the increase.

“The fact that the top of the federal CDU is not ardently behind the public broadcaster at such a central point and that its Prime Minister is backing Haseloff in a difficult situation terrifies me very much,” said Annalena Baerbock, the head of the Greens in Berlin , “Tagesspiegel”. . “There are times when you have to make a clear decision. That would now be the Union’s job. Her co-chair Robert Habeck made a similar statement: “The CDU leadership in the person of Ms Kramp-Karrenbauer is implicitly calling on the Greens and the SPD to overturn the State Broadcast Treaty,” he told with a view to the unanimous approval of the heads of state: “In doing so, she is stabbing her own prime minister.”

Kramp-Karrenbauer had made the SPD and the Greens responsible. Haseloff made suggestions to maintain political stability, she told the German news agency. “The decision now rests particularly with the SPD and the Greens, who need to be aware of their political responsibility.”

The CDU group is pushing for an additional report on the financial needs of the broadcasters and renegotiations on the level of the broadcast contribution because of the corona pandemic. The other countries don’t want to either.

In the coalition agreement Magdeburg, a stable contribution for the public broadcaster has been agreed. The SPD and the Greens want to agree to the increase in the contribution agreed between the state governments, the CDU not. The AfD opposition is also against it. Together, the CDU and AfD would have a majority – the SPD and Greens threaten the end of the coalition if it emerges. In any case, the state media committee must take a preliminary decision next Wednesday.

The chairman of the regional broadcasting commission, Malu Dreyer, warned against a joint veto by the CDU and AfD. “We in the state family are very unanimous on this, if the CDU and AfD prevented the state media treaty, it would be a political violation of the dam,” said the DPA’s SPD Prime Minister of Rhineland-Palatinate. Saxony-Anhalt is currently struggling not only to adjust the contribution, but also to create a diverse media landscape, which includes the public broadcaster.

In concrete terms, this concerns a national premium increase from 17.50 euros per month to 18.36 euros. On January 1, 2021, the state treaty including the premium for the public broadcasters will enter into force, it would be an increase for the first time since 2009. If a country says no, the project falls flat over Germany.

The head of the Green Party of Saxony-Anhalt, Sebastian Striegel, would like the coalition partner CDU to send a signal that he is ready to negotiate. «So far the announcement has been” No compromises “. In a democracy that cannot be a starting point for negotiations, ”Striegel, who is also the leader of the Green Party, said Saturday at Deutschlandfunk. “We want the bill to get a majority in parliament. But we are very happy to talk about any questions related to it. “

Striegel continued: “As a coalition, we could look ahead, we could define certain reform requirements more precisely in a draft resolution.” In view of the pandemic situation, it is conceivable, for example, to see whether a new premium calculation can be made earlier than before.

Green party leader Cornelia Lüddemann called on the CDU to approve the vote in the state parliament. Each MP must show his or her color whether they want the Interstate Broadcasting Treaty and support the coalition, Lüddemann told NDR Info.