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Great reduction of this powerful external battery Xmoove 10000mAh USB + USB-C cable

Tired of a battery draining at the wrong time, when you really need to call, or when you are far from an electrical outlet? So you absolutely need to find a powerful power bank that will allow you to charge your device quickly, anywhere. For this occasion, Hitek offers you the external battery with 10000 mAh USB + USB-C cable from Xmoove.

the tool that will save your life

With this power bank from Xmoove, you can fully charge your smartphone three to four times in a row without having access to a power socket. This capacity comes from its powerful 10,000 mAh battery. This is more than enough even if you use your phone all day or even for several days if your battery is still in good condition. In terms of connections, this model is equipped with 3 ports (2 USB A ports and 1 USB C port). This allows you to charge different devices at the same time. It doesn’t take long to charge as it is 2.1A / USB.

In addition to the phone, you can of course also charge all other devices with a USB port, such as the tablet or headset. The device in black weighs only 182.0 g. It slips into your pocket easily and won’t clutter your pocket. This power bank also has the advantage of being compatible with all brands.

While it is normally available for € 24.99, the Xmoove 10000mAh USB + USB-C cable’s external battery currently costs € 12.99. Note that by adding this item to your cart, you are paying € 0.02 for the environmental contribution. If you are not happy with this, you have 15 minutes after your purchase to change your mind and get your money back. You are also entitled to a two-year manufacturer’s guarantee. In case this might interest you, you know that the OPPO RENO 2 256 GB smartphone is also available at an affordable price.

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