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great promotion for this 2TB internal SSD

If you’re running out of storage space on your PC because you’re hoarding games or editing video and audio, here’s a great deal on the Crucial MX500 2TB Internal SSD drive, which you can use to install your operating system, software and games, or just more classic Storage if you already have an SSD for your operating system.

Crucial MX500: rugged and powerful

The Crucial brand has made a name for itself among users and the latter offers great value for money with robust and high-performance products.

About the Crucial MX500 with a capacity of 2 TB, it has a high-performance 3D NAND memory:

up to 560 MB/s sequential read, up to 510 MB/s sequential write

With the figures announced by the brand, you shouldn’t have any problem with the response time of Windows, your software and the loading time of your games.

As for durability, Crucial rated it at 700 TB, which is the total amount of terabytes of data that can be written to it over its lifetime.

The Crucial MX500 can be accommodated via a SATA connection in a permanently installed PC or in a laptop as long as it has a 7mm slot.

After that, if you want an NVMe M.2 model, we also have the Crucial P5 available at a good price. To see the offer, go HERE.

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