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Great majority of Germans in favor of easing the lockdown | Free press

Berlin (dpa) – Two and a half months after the start of the severe corona lockdown, according to a large majority of Germans, it is time for relaxation.

According to a survey by opinion research institute YouGov commissioned by the German news agency, only a third are in favor of enforcement (26 percent) or tightening (9 percent) of the current restrictions.

On the other hand, 43 percent believe the lockdown should be further relaxed this Wednesday during talks between Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the prime minister of the federal states. In fact, 17 percent are in favor of a full return to normalcy. 5 percent did not provide any information.

For the first time since the hard lockdown began in mid-December, there is a majority in favor of relaxing YouGov polls, which are held every two to four weeks. Initially, nearly three-quarters (73 percent) supported measures by federal and state governments, including the closure of shops, schools, restaurants and hotels and the ban on cultural and sporting events with spectators. At the beginning of January, almost two thirds (65 percent) were in favor of maintaining or tightening the measures. Before the last federal state conference on February 10, that was only half of the respondents, now it is 35 percent.

The federal and state governments last decided on February 10 to extend the hard lockdown. Schools and day-care centers were then partially reopened; the hairdressers followed this Monday. Most of the measures remain in force.

Most urgent is not the desire to open schools further, but the possibility to shop again without restrictions. 49 percent say opening stores is particularly important to them. This will be followed by a relaxation of the rules on the number of people you can meet (43 percent). The opening of restaurants is especially important to 42 percent of those surveyed. Only then do schools follow (32 percent), which politicians consider particularly important to open up.

Opening service businesses such as cosmetics or massage studios is particularly important to 18 percent. This is followed by the opportunity to exercise in fitness studios, for example (16 percent). Attending cultural events (12 percent), traveling without restrictions (11 percent), staying in hotels (9 percent) and attending sporting events (5 percent) are at the bottom of the priority list. Respondents were able to name three areas that are particularly important to them.

Skepticism about the restrictions now outweighs the supporters of all parties represented in the Bundestag. The desire for relaxation is greatest among AfD (72 percent) and FDP (67 percent) voters. They are followed by supporters of the left (58 percent), the CDU / CSU (57 percent), the SPD (54 percent) and the Greens (49 percent).

Meanwhile, dissatisfaction with the federal government’s crisis management in the corona pandemic continues to grow. Only 48 percent of the respondents rate the government’s actions as very positive (7 percent) or rather positive (41 percent). At the beginning of February, it was more likely that 50 percent were satisfied, in October that was even 57 percent and during the first Corona wave in April, 67 percent. Today, 22 percent are very dissatisfied with the government’s crisis management and another 25 percent are quite dissatisfied. 5 percent does not provide information.


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