Great Britain wants to strengthen ties with Asian countries | Free press


The UK is hosting the G7 Summit in Cornwall this year. Foreign Minister Dominic Raab wants to take the opportunity to forge closer ties with Japan.

London (AP) – Ahead of a G7 Foreign Ministers meeting in London, the host country, Britain, wants to sharpen its new focus on closer ties with Asia.

According to his ministry’s announcement, British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab wants to meet his Japanese counterpart Toshimitsu Motegi, whom he – along with representatives from India, Australia and South Korea – will visit as a guest at the first G7 face-to-face meeting Ministers have been invited to London for more than two years.

The traditional ‘special relationship’ between the British and the US should not be neglected: US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is also one of the first colleagues to meet Raab on Monday for a one-on-one talk. It will cover trade issues as well as current developments in China, Afghanistan and Iran.

In addition to Great Britain and Germany, the G7 countries include France, the US, Canada, Italy and Japan. The UK is hosting this year’s G7 Summit in Cornwall in mid-June. The previous meeting of Foreign Affairs and Development Cooperation Ministers was an excellent opportunity to revive person-to-person diplomacy, the British government said.

The agenda therefore includes issues such as fair access to vaccines, global education goals for girls, climate change and measures to prevent famine and food shortages. In addition, there will likely be talk of Russia’s recent arming on the border with Ukraine. US Secretary of State Blinken plans to continue to visit Ukraine after the London meeting.

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