Great Britain is reclassified as a risk area | Free press


The number of corona cases in Great Britain is low due to a long lockdown and the vaccination campaign. In Germany, the country is still considered a risk area. Guilt is a variant of the virus.

Berlin (dpa) – The federal government classifies Great Britain again as a corona risk area from Sunday, despite the low number of infections. The reason is the “at least limited occurrence” of the virus variant first identified in India, as the Robert Koch Institute announced on the Internet.

Variant B.1.617.2 has contributed to a dramatic number of infections in India. The neighboring countries of Sri Lanka and Nepal will also be upgraded by the federal government on Sunday: Sri Lanka as a risk area and Nepal as a virus variant area, the highest risk level, for which extensive travel restrictions apply.

But there are also nine countries and regions that will be downgraded on the Corona risk scale on Sunday – from high incidence to risk area: Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Estonia, Ukraine, Jordan, Lebanon and the Palestinian Autonomous Territories. Those entering from there no longer need to be quarantined, but can show a negative test upon entry.

With the Canary Islands, another popular holiday destination for Germans will also be completely dropped from the list of corona risk areas. However, this has no practical consequences for tourists, as the quarantine obligation for holidaymakers returning from there already fell on Thursday with the entry into force of a new entry regulation. The test obligation on the return flight to Germany continues to apply.

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