Grab, step back … all the news for August 2021


Every month, Amazon Prime, like Disney + and Netflix, delivers its share of new features for the coming month. This article is all about movies and series on the e-commerce giant’s streaming platform. The catalog for August 2021 contains many new features. Here you are :

Week from August 2nd to 9th

August 1st: Difficult. Directed by Julia Ducournau, this film, which combines drama and horror, shows a young girl named Justine who grew up in a vegetarian family. She attended a veterinary school, where her older sister also studied. However, she falls victim to hazing in the first year. Cannibalistic tendencies will awaken in her when she is forced to eat raw meat.

August 1st: The legend of Hercules. August 1st: The fabulous fate of Am̩lie Poulain August 1st: Zoolander August 22nd: Dr. Harrow РSeasons 1 and 2. This medical series tells the story of a forensic pathologist who, at all costs, wants to understand what happened to the victims who cross his path. August 2nd: Ghost Rider Рthe saga.

August 2nd: Historia Lamentables. August 6: Cruel Summer (Season 1) August 6: Head Above the Water (Season 2)

Week from August 9th to 16th

August 9th: The Rhythm of Vengeance. This action thriller is about a woman whose family went missing after a plane crash. She becomes a murderer in search of those responsible when she learns that it wasn’t an accident … August 10th: Good kisses from Bruges. August 12th: step backwards. This film, which mixes detective and horror genres, shows Emma Watson in the shoes of Angela, a traumatized young woman who accuses her father of a terrible crime. Problem, she has no recollection of the facts, and Doctor Raines, a famous psychologist, is called in to help Inspector Bruce Kenner solve this mysterious case.

August 13: Evangelion (full) August 13: Modern Love (Season 2) August 15: A cure for life. Directed by Gore Verbinski, known as the director of the first three Pirates of the Caribbean, A Cure for Life features Lockhart, an ambitious young manager who goes to a wellness center in Switzerland in search of his mysteriously missing boss. He, in turn, will discover the horrific treatments offered by the facility.

Week of August 16-23

August 16: Detective Dee. August 20th: The women of his dreams.

August 20: Nine Perfect Strangers (Season 1). All new mini-series coming to the platform in August, Nine Perfect Strangers is based on the 2018 novel of the same name by Liane Moriarty and will show Nicole Kidman through a thriller. During detox therapy, the director is ready to do anything to awaken the worst that lies dormant in each of her patients. August 21: Chaud Front!

Week of August 23rd to 30th

August 27: Kevin Can F *** himself (Season 1) August 30: The Bold Type

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