Government: Only a few “Reichsbürger” are right-wing extremists | Free press


According to the federal government, only a small proportion of people who see themselves as “Reich citizens” or “self-governors” are extremist. The Greens see this as a misjudgment.

Berlin (dpa) – The security authorities currently classify about 950 so-called “Reich citizens and self-governors” as right-wing extremists. Their share has recently remained constant at just under five percent, according to a response from the federal government to a small request from the Green parliamentary group.

Their domestic politician Irene Mihalic thinks this is a wrong assessment. She told the German news agency: “It is urgent time to reconsider the classification of the Reichsburgers and recognize the far-right danger posed by the group.”

In the case of “Reich citizens and self-governors”, anti-Semitic attitudes and statements up to Holocaust denial are to be found time and again, the federal government announced. “As a rule, however, anti-Semitism is not a supporting ideological element and is not a focal point of agitation in the scene.”

“Reich citizens and self-administrators” question the legitimacy of the Federal Republic of Germany. They often refuse to pay taxes. Security authorities recently added about 19,000 people to the scene.

Their rejection of the state does not prevent some “empire citizens and self-governors” from working for it. In response to a question from Mihalic, the Federal Ministry of the Interior announced in February that constitutional protection authorities are currently investigating evidence of suspicious cases of “Reich citizens and self-administrators” involving public service “in the top double-digit range. Most of these cases thus concern authorities under the jurisdiction of the federal states.

According to the information, nine disciplinary proceedings attributed to this scene were pending with federal police last year. Proceedings were also taken against an employee of both Telekom and the main customs office in Cologne. The procedure in Cologne has not yet been completed.

As can be seen from the answer to the small question about which the Tagesspiegel reported for the first time, a total of eight right-wing extremists and ten relevant persons have been assigned to the ideology of Reich citizenship. Police call people “threats” when they believe they can commit serious, politically motivated acts of violence, including terrorist attacks. Anyone who is a manager or provides logistical assistance within the scene is considered “relevant”.

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