Gotham Knights guide: All Robin skill trees explained

Gotham Knights stumbled proper out of the gate because of poor optimization, leading to a combined reception at launch. Nonetheless, the sport provides a singular and thrilling premise. Following the demise of Batman, it falls upon his successors to guard Gotham and grow to be the ‘Gotham Knights.’

Alongside Batgirl, Nightwing, and Crimson Hood, Tim Drake Robin performs a major protagonistic function in Gotham Knights. He must be taught to step up and grow to be a protector of Gotham on his personal.

All Robin talent timber in Gotham Knights defined

With the demise of his mentor, Robin finds himself in a predicament with one purpose in thoughts: defending Gotham Metropolis. Fortunately, he is not alone, as he has the Gotham Knights.

Nightwing's Skill tree in Gotham Knights (image via Gotham Knights)

Robin’s Ability tree in Gotham Knights (Picture through Gotham Knights)

Slugger Ability Tree

Robin’s Slugger Ability Tree is greatest suited to fight in Gotham Knights, whether or not fast on-foot motion or doing extra highly effective harm with a punch. Check out the Slugger talent tree.

  • Excellent Evade – Excellent Evade – Robin performs a superbly timed evade that generates Momentum and permits for a Excellent Assault follow-up (1 AP)
  • Crucial Experience – Will increase Robin’s crucial harm by 20% (1 AP)
  • Elemental Decoy – When attacked, Robin’s decoy inflicts a considerable amount of Elemental Impact harm on the attacking enemy (1 AP)
  • Again Harm + – Robin offers 20% extra harm when attacking enemies from behind (2 AP)
  • Exact Strikes – Will increase Nightwing’s likelihood of touchdown a Crucial hit by 10% (2 AP)
  • Exploding Decoy – Robin’s decoy explodes, forsaking elemental residue that offers elemental impact harm to any enemy that walks into it (2 AP)
  • Elemental Focus – Robin’s crucial harm and the possibility of touchdown a crucial hit will increase by 20% on targets with an lively elemental impact (3 AP)

Shadow Ability Tree

As Batman’s sidekick, Robin is accustomed to working at the hours of darkness and taking down enemies with out alerting anybody.

  • Mild Footed – Robin produces no sound whereas working and strikes sooner whereas crouched (doesn’t apply whereas sprinting) (1 AP)
  • Stealth Harm + – Robin’s melee and ranged assault harm is elevated by 10% whereas undetected. Robin’s takedown and stealth strike harm is elevated by 20% when undetected (1 AP)
  • Turnabout Takedown – Robin can carry out takedowns and stealth strikes on massive enemies (3 AP)
  • Vantage Hanging Takedown – Robin can carry out a particular takedown that suspends enemies from a vantage level (1 AP)
  • Decreased Visible Stim – Robin is more durable to identify, and enemies take longer to note him (2 AP)
  • Vantage Hanging Takedown Mine – Performing a vantage hanging takedown additionally drops a proximity mine that lures enemies (2 AP)
  • Shadow Renewal – Profitable takedowns restore 25% of Robin’s well being (2 AP)


Tinkering Ability Tree

Tim Drake Robin is sort of street-smart and is understood for constructing completely different devices. The Tinkering Ability Tree goals to shine a lightweight on that persona trait and construct upon the fundamental results.

  • Elemental Cost – Elemental impact build-up inflicted by Robin is elevated 25% sooner (1 AP)
  • Sticky Pellet – In precision intention, Robin’s pellet can follow surfaces, creating a brief mine. Putting a second mine deactivates the primary one (1 AP)
  • Sticky Pellets X3 – Robin can place as much as 3 sticky pellets without delay (2 AP)
  • Enhanced Sticky Pellets – Sticky Pellets inflict 33% extra harm and last as long as 10 seconds (2 AP)
  • Elemental Resistance – Robin’s elemental impact resistance will increase by 40% (2 AP)
  • Elemental Burst – When Robin offers elemental harm, he positive factors a 5% likelihood of dealing further elemental harm in an space. Elemental burst additionally reduces enemies’ elemental impact resistance by 50% for 10 seconds (2 AP)
  • Enhanced Elemental Results – Elemental results inflicted by Robin final twice as lengthy (2 AP)

Knighthood talent tree

Robin’s Knighthood Ability Tree permits him to make use of the Slideways capacity and for the participant to grasp the character.

  • Slideways – Robin prompts and enters a brief portal, which he can use to relocate to a brand new place.
  • Stealth Takedown + – Performing a takedown will increase Robin’s harm, crucial likelihood, protection, and elemental build-up for 15 seconds (1 AP)
  • Aerial Assault Smoke – Robin’s aerial assaults are adopted by a small cloud of smoke, permitting him to re-enter stealth (1 AP)
  • Microbots Cooldown Discount – Robin’s Microbots capacity cooldown is diminished by 20%, permitting Robin to name them extra usually (1 AP)
  • Fight Expertise – Will increase the variety of assaults in Robin’s melee combo by 1. The final hit is a knockdown (2 AP)
  • Slideways Takedown – Robin opens a small portal and pulls an enemy via it to carry out a takedown (not relevant on bosses). In AR Mode, maintain a ranged assault whereas aiming at an enemy. Have to be in stealth and an unobstructed house (3 AP)
  • Microbot Goal + – Robin improved the particle accelerator within the microbots’ core engine. He can now name 5 microbots as a substitute of three (3 AP)

Gotham Knights is accessible on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Collection X|S, and Home windows PC.

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