Gotham Knights guide: All Nightwing skill trees explained

Gotham Knights masterfully develops the prolonged Bat Household characters by taking Batman away from the equation. As a result of its unoptimized efficiency throughout all platforms, the sport has acquired blended opinions since its launch.

Dick Grayson is arguably probably the most well-known character past Batman. The primary Robin later adopted the title of Nightwing. With the dying of Batman, it falls upon him to step up and turn into the chief of the Gotham Knights.

Every Nightwing ability tree capacity in Gotham Knights and the AP value required to unlock them

Nightwing skill tree in Gotham Knights (Images via Gotham Knights)
Nightwing ability tree in Gotham Knights (Photos through Gotham Knights)

Listed under are all the abilities that gamers can entry when taking part in as Nightwing in Gotham Knights in addition to the Means Level value required to unlock each.

Raptor Talent Tree

The Raptor ability tree is tailored for in-combat and offensive assaults. Whether or not it is Good Evade or Crucial Experience, this is a take a look at Nightwing’s Raptor ability tree in Gotham Knights.

  • Good Evade – Nightwing performs a superbly timed evade that generates Momentum and permits for a Good Assault follow-up (1 AP)
  • Crucial Experience – Will increase Nightwing’s essential injury by 20% (1 AP)
  • Trampoline – Nightwing’s Pounce capacity is mechanically adopted by a excessive bounce on the enemy (1 AP)
  • Murderer’s Mark – Marks an enemy, growing Nightwing and his allies’ injury to the foe by 10% (2 AP)
  • Exact Strikes – Will increase Nightwing’s likelihood of touchdown a Crucial hit by 10% (2 AP)
  • Aerial Bounce – Nightwing bounces off an enemy following an aerial assault to propel himself again into the air. Can be utilized as much as thrice in succession (2 AP)
  • Crucial Distance – Hitting an enemy with a melee assault from a big distance will increase the essential likelihood and important injury by 15% (3 AP)
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Acrobat ability tree

After years of being the primary Robin and later Nightwing, Dick Grayson by no means forgot his origin or the Flying Graysons. This is a better take a look at his Acrobat ability tree:

  • Aerial Injury + – Will increase Nightwing’s aerial assault injury by 20% (1 AP)
  • Additional Momentum Bar – Grants Nightwing an additional Momentum bar (1 AP)
  • Momentum Achieve + – Will increase Nightwing’s Momentum acquire by 15% (1 AP)
  • Evade Chain – Nightwing chains evades by performing a fast succession of again jumps (3 AP)
  • Haly’s Favourite – Finishing an Evade Chain knocks down all close by enemies (2 AP)
  • Evade Chain Momentum – Performing an evade chain throughout fight restores a portion of Nightwing’s Momentum (2 AP)
  • Thoughts And Physique – Utilizing Momentum Skills restores a portion of Nightwing’s well being (2 AP)


Pack Chief Talent Tree

Past being a talented fighter and a simply hero, Nightwing is a pure chief. He has all the time stepped in to steer the Bat Household each time the state of affairs requires him to.

  • Household Ties – Will increase Nightwing’s protection and resistance by 10%. Working with allies additionally grants him further bonuses. Batgirl receives +15% melee injury. Purple Hood receives +15% ranged injury. Robin receives +15% stealth injury (1 AP)
  • Well being Bolstered Protection – When Nightwing’s well being is at the least 70%, he will get a 5% protection bonus calling as much as +20% at full well being (1 AP)
  • Momentum Regen – Nightwing’s Momentum regenerates over time. Regeneration stops after filling one Momentum phase. Gaining any Momentum prompts regeneration once more. Working with allies will increase regeneration pace (2 AP)
  • Shared Talent – Passive abilities growing injury, essential likelihood, protection, Momentum regeneration, and supreme cooldown are shared with allies at 50% of their worth (2 AP)
  • Elemental Sensible Darts – Nightwing’s darts inflict elemental impact construct up on enemies or heal allies additional time (2 AP)
  • Elemental Sensible Darts + – Nightiwng’s darts additionally cut back enemies’ protection by 10% and enhance injury inflicted by allies by 5% for 10 seconds (2 AP)
  • Revive Darts – Nightwing’s darts can be utilized to immediately revive an ally from afar. Most 1 per evening (2 AP)
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Knighthood ability tree

The Knighthood ability tree opens up the chance for Nightwing to make use of his signature Flying Trapeze in Gotham Knights.

  • Flying Trapeze – Nightwing makes use of his Flying Trapeze to glide by way of the air. He can even rebound off of partitions to realize altitude and pace (Unlocked by way of Knighthood questline)
  • Tripe Darts – Nightwing shoots three darts directly as an alternative of 1 (1 AP)
  • Strike Distance + – Nightwing’s melee assaults can strike enemies from additional away (1 AP)
  • Guardian – Defeating an enemy reduces Nest capacity cooldown by 15% (1 AP)
  • Fight Expertise – Will increase the variety of assaults in Nightwing’s melee combo by one. The final hit is a knockdown (2 AP)
  • Nest Buffs + – Nest injury is elevated by 150%, and the therapeutic impact is elevated by 100% (3 AP)
  • Greater Nest – Improve the dimensions of Nightwing’s Nest (3 AP)

Gotham Knights is accessible on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Sequence X|S, and Home windows PC.

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