Google News are Blocked by Russian Regulators amidst Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Earlier this week, the Russian government shut down Google’s news aggregator service because it let people see what it called fake information about the country’s military operation in Ukraine, Interfax said.

“We have confirmed that some people in Russia are having trouble accessing the Google News app and website,” Google said in a statement. “This is not due to any technical problems on our end.” This is what the statement said.

News has been available to people in Russia for as long as possible because we’ve worked hard to keep it that way. Russia has banned Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp for “extremist activity,” but WhatsApp can stay because it isn’t on the list.

If the prosecutor general’s office asked the regulator Roskomnadzor (the regulator) to do something, the regulator did it, Interfax said.

Regulator: “The American online news source in question had access to a lot of publications and materials that were not authentic and important for the public to know about the progress of the special military operation in Ukraine.”

A new law in Russia says that it is against the law to report anything that could hurt the reputation of the military.

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