Google has launched Air Raid Alerts on Android Phones in Ukraine – here’s the complete news!!

Air Raid Alerts are coming to Android phones in Ukraine. This is a supplement to the country’s existing air raid alert systems, and it will be based on government alerts. Users of the Google Play store will also be shown the Ukrainian Alarm app.

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Many people in Ukraine now use airstrike alerts to try to get to safety. With help from the government of Ukraine, the company started putting out an Air Raid Alerts system for Android phones in Ukraine, said the company in a post on its blog.

In a tweet, Google’s VP of Engineering for Android, Dave Burke, said that the system uses the same low-latency alert mechanism that the company built for earthquake alerts, which is why it was chosen.


“The system starts today, and it will keep getting better and better until it reaches all Android phones in Ukraine in the next few days,” says a spokesman. In a tweet, Burke thanked his engineering, product, and UX teams for working quickly to come up with a solution. “Thank you!”

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In the same blog post, Google also said that it is working on limiting its recommendations for many Russian state-owned media outlets around the world. If you live in Europe, you can’t get apps from Russian state-owned media outlets on the Play Store.

All payment-based services on the Google Play Store and YouTube in Russia were shut down on March 10. This included subscriptions like YouTube Premium and Channel Memberships as well as Super Chat and merch. There were no ads in Russia on March 4, but they had already been paused.

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