Google confirms that Russian and Belarusian Hackers are targeting Ukraine – Here’s the compete news!!

Google says it has seen Russian hackers well-known to law enforcement, like FancyBear, eavesdropping on Ukraine and its European allies in recent weeks. FancyBear is one of the hackers.

FancyBear, also known as APT28, has been sending phishing emails to Ukrainian media company UkrNet for the last two weeks, Google’s Threat Analysis Group said in a blog post on Monday. This group focuses on stopping computer hackers and warning people about them.

Russia says it doesn’t use hackers to attack its enemies. Phishing messages try to get people to give up their account information, so hackers can get into their computers and online accounts and steal money.

Google did not say if any of the attacks had worked. It’s called Ghostwriter/UNC1151, and Google says it’s a threat actor from Belarus. They’ve been trying to get people’s account information through phishing attacks on government and military organizations in Poland and Ukraine.

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Ukraine cybersecurity officials said last month that hackers from the neighboring country of Belarus are trying to get private email addresses for Ukrainian military personnel “and other people.”

The virus-laden attachments have been sent to “European entities” by Mustang Panda, or Temp. Hex, which Google says is based in China. File names like “Situation at the EU borders with” have been sent. Google called the project a break from Mustang Panda’s usual focus on Southeast Asian markets.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine last month, Russian and Ukrainian hackers have been trading online attacks, such as defacing government websites, to try to get back at each other. Ukraine has asked its hacker community to help protect its infrastructure. It is also spying on Russian troops through cyberspace.

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Because of World War II, this has been the biggest attack on a European country in a long time. Russia calls its actions in Ukraine a “special operation” that it says isn’t meant to take over land but to destroy its southern neighbor’s military power and capture people it thinks are dangerous nationalists.

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