Good deal with the Huawei TalkBand B6 2in1 connected bracelet

Digital devices, useful as they are, are often bulky, especially when you’re on the go. Fortunately, the big brand designers understand this problem and are working hard to fix it. TalkBand B6 was developed with this in mind. Here’s what you need to know about this little Huawei wonder:

Binvest in your health

In concrete terms, TalkBand B6 combines two technologies, as it is both a Bluetooth sports headset and a SmartBand. The 39mm AMOLED display allows data to be viewed according to the needs and preferences of the user. The bracelet can be connected to two separate devices (smartphone + smartphone / tablet or PC) at the same time. The device, which is powered by a lithium-ion battery, is equipped with a standard USB port.

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This TalkBand B6 can change your life dramatically. First of all, transformed into a Bluetooth headset, you can process calls even when you are walking, driving, etc. Equipped with various algorithms, it fulfills several essential functions. This tool, which provides an assessment of your health anytime, anywhere, is all the more useful in the circumstances of a health crisis.

Thanks to Huawei TruSleep, your sleep is closely tracked. Get a comprehensive yet accurate report of deep sleep, light sleep, rapid eye movements (REM), serenity, and intermittent naps. Another integrated artificial intelligence, the HUAWEI TruRelax, enables the stress level to be monitored. If it finds that your psychological stress is increasing, it will help you get back on track. Finally, it should be noted that the device contains seven different typical training modes. The point is that mental and physical health is closely related to the quality of exercise.

The TalkBand B6 in graphite black awaits you with a 25% discount or € 149.99 instead of the usual € 199.99. Note that this item comes with a two-year manufacturer’s guarantee. Also note that if you are not satisfied or the product has a problem, you have the option to receive a refund or replace the entire item. All you have to do is report the problem and return the product within 30 days. Don’t wait any longer, this offer will expire shortly. Connect your new bracelet to the Samsung Galaxy A31, which currently benefits from a 50 euro discount. This high-end smartphone with a beautiful ONE UI surface and the integration of a powerful battery is temporarily available to you for € 249 instead of € 299.

3 reasons to fall for it?

Mental health Physical health Mobility

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