Good deal on this 3 TB Seagate hard drive for less than 56 euros

If your PC is running out of space, you can save much more than 3TB on a Seagate hard drive.

A hard drive with a good transfer speed

This 3TB Seagate is perfect if you want to store as many files as possible (documents, photos, videos, games, movies, series). The latter connects to SATA 6B / s and offers a very good transfer speed. In addition, thanks to its 64 MB buffer memory and its 7200 rpm, the manufacturer announces 600 MB / s externally.

As a reminder, this is a 3.5 inch model so you can forget about installing it on a laptop PC. On the other hand, instead of a stationary PC, you can install it in a box to convert it to an external hard drive, as it is designed to run in a video surveillance system and is therefore suitable for everyday use.

The price is currently 55 euros, while usually around 20 euros extra must be counted. Then we also have a very good gaming screen from AOC on offer.

Why order this hard drive?

Good transfer rates Attractive price in terms of capacity, durability and robustness

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