Good business with the Smart Connected Speaker with its Google Nest Hub screen


Connected and smart speakers gradually turn into a real control center so you can control other devices or just entertain. Today the Google Nest Hub is up for sale with its screen.

Google Nest Hub: much more than a speaker

The Google Nest Hub is therefore an intelligent, connected loudspeaker that integrates the Google ecosystem with its voice assistant. So she does everything you can ask of her, e.g. For example, listen to music, put an appointment on your calendar, get them to tell a story, use them as a megaphone, or even interact with other connected devices in the house.

The possibilities are very large and with its screen it offers even more. On this 7-inch display you can show the travel time to a specific destination, start a cooking recipe video, see the weather at a glance and much more.

The Google Nest Hub was introduced at a price of 89.99 euros and currently costs 69.99 euros. This is a good deal if you want to stock up on the brand’s latest model. Otherwise, we also have a nice offer for the Huawei P30 Pro, a smartphone whose main quality is photos.

Why succumb?

More functions thanks to the Google screen and the integration of its assistant and its services A real control center

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