Goku more powerful than ever in the new chapter!


In Chapter 65 of Dragon Ball Super, faced with Merus, Son Goku seems more powerful than ever, thanks in particular to a new transformation.

Has Goku become invincible?

Since Chapter 44, Son Goku and his friends have been confronted with a new enemy, the dreaded Moro, a criminal who has escaped from the intergalactic prison. From their first passes, Moro has proven to be the most powerful enemy Goku has ever faced. The monster was able to absorb the energy of its opponents and could also benefit from the desires of the Dragon Ball. That left our friends in a somewhat awkward position, if you will excuse us for the understatement …

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Fortunately, Son Goku can count on his ultra instinct, which we discovered while battling Jiren. Aside from facing Moro, Goku appears to have perfected his ultra instinct. Indeed, Goku appears to be cloaked in invisible armor, causing Moro to break his wrist while trying to punch the Saiyan with all his might. A force reminiscent of the weapons used by Haki of Luffy in One Piece of Eiichiro Oda.

How did Goku come to such a level of power? As Whis explains, “When Ultra-Instinct is honed to this level, the body automatically solidifies when needed.” However, as the rest of the chapter testifies, Goku’s level of power will not help him fight his greatest enemy: his indecipherable naivety …