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GO Beyond, the biggest update that’ll make you want to play it all over again

Niantic just unveiled the biggest update to Pokémon GO with GO Beyond. The program includes all the new seasons, new Pokémon, changes to the GO Battle League, XL Candy, a revised level system and many other innovations. We immediately take stock of this big announcement.

The seasons in Pokémon GO

Every three months, a new season begins in Pokémon GO that brings you completely new changes. Thanks to the aforementioned update, various Pokémon appear more frequently in the wild, hatch from eggs, and appear during raids. Some Pokémon are harder to find depending on the time of year, so catch them all while you can! Animal Crossing Way: New Horizons, the hemisphere you are in will let you meet different Pokémon (according to the time of year you know in real life) A concrete example? In Season 1, starting Tuesday, December 1, 2020 at 8:00 a.m., winter-related Pokémon will appear in the wild in the northern hemisphere, while Cheniti or Darumarond will appear in the southern hemisphere.

In addition, depending on the player’s hemisphere, different forms of Vivaldaim occur in the wild. It will be necessary to stay alert to successfully spot them! Regarding the Pokémon itself, new Mega-Evolved Pokémon will appear in raids every new season.

Season 1 should fully satisfy players as it will be the Season of Festivities when Professor Willow embarks on a whole new quest and sets out to find the different regions of the Pokémon world. You have to support him! Players can also take part in a number of in-game events, with Pokémon originally spotted in different regions.

New Pokémon are coming

Pokémon originally spotted in the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unys, Alola, and Galar regions have already been spotted in Pokémon GO, but there’s something new in this update. Starting Wednesday, December 2, 2020, players will likely discover Pokémon originally discovered in Kalos, the region where Mega Evolutions were first discovered.

We encourage you to check out the list of these new Pokémon for yourself:

MarissonBoguérisseBlindépiqueFeunnecRoussilGoupelinGrenousseCroâporalAmphinobiSapereauExcavarennePasserougeBraisillonFlambusardHélionceauNéméliosTrousselin (only published in France!)

The GO Battle League

The start of the season also brings some changes to the GO Battle League. The latter will actually be increased from 10 to 24 ranks, and the first four ranks will have new names and new badges.

Courtesy of Niantic

This novelty is also accompanied by a brand new reward system. Enough to make you surpass yourself! The GO Battle League rewards will also be linked to the current season for renewal.

Level crossings

Starting the week of Monday, November 30th, 2020, Pokémon GO is organizing an overhaul of the level crossing. Players can reach level 50! Trainers who have already reached level 40 can pull the rope to find out who will reach level 50 first. In addition, trainers who have reached level 40 in the evening before Thursday, December 31, 2020, have the privilege and immense honor of receiving the title Heir Trainer 40 (or Heir Trainer 40). They can also get exclusive rewards, such as a one-time study to get them a Leviator hat for the Avatar and a Heiress 40 medal.

Lots of features have been added to make these level crossings more fun and enjoyable. For example, you will earn more PX:

Catching Pokémon Evolving Pokémon Hatching Pokémon from Eggs Saving new entries in the Pokédex

In some cases, XP earned can be double what it was before to give low level trainers a chance to meet their friends.

The other additions

In addition to the latest news mentioned earlier, Pokémon GO will bring XL Candy to players. These candies are needed to charge Pokémon with even higher CPs than before. You can get them by catching Pokémon or converting / combining Candy to XL Candy.

You can also enjoy updates on Pokémon Encounters and Captures, Exploration Tracking, Buddy Adventures, Fieldwork, and Gifts. Regarding these last topics, we will know more as soon as these changes become available, i.e. the week of November 30, 2020.

While you wait for this big update

Do you want to start playing with this update? Note that today, November 18, 2020, the “12 Days of Friendship” event will be held on Pokémon GO! You can use the next 12 days to meet up with your friends (online, restriction required) and to prepare for the upcoming update. You also benefit from a number of great bonuses.

Courtesy of Niantic

This event allows you, among other things, to move from one friendship level to the next faster, including opening gifts, exchanging Pokémon or fighting together in raids, arenas or trainer battles. You also get an attack boost when fighting with friends in raids, and you get extra XP for completing them.


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