Global Hi-Fi System Market – Analysis and Forecast (2019-2024)

Hi-Fi includes speaker enclosures with large woofers and acoustic clamps, which offer a deep bass from large cabinets.

In view of the growing demand for quality music among audiophiles, the global
high-fidelity (Hi-Fi) systems market is expected to show substantial growth during
the projected period. Hi-Fi includes speaker enclosures with large woofers and
acoustic clamps, which offer a deep bass from large cabinets. The growing demand
for wireless audio devices is expected to drive the growth of the Hi-Fi system
industry. There are many audio devices in the wireless networks such as soundbars,
speakers, music players, and headphones in the network.
The HiFi device contributes to reducing noise and distortion and provides precise
response frequency. These systems track rising demand from domestic, commercial
, and other applications, including automotive, military and safety applications.
The method is focused on the product and auxiliary product segmentation in the
industry. The product section consists of the latter, CD, DVD, Blu-ray, Network
Media Player, Headphone and earphone, and Microphone and turntable segments.
The auxiliary items include the digital-to-analog converter (DAC), the amplifier, the
receiver, and the preamplifier.
Both technologies for Hi-Fi systems are used in wired and wireless applications.
Wired systems are further divided into Ethernet and audio cables. Wireless
technology also has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, AirPlay, and many more categories. In the hi-fi
system market, the demand for wireless systems is growing faster worldwide.
The market is divided into residential, commercial, automotive, and other
applications based on application. The business application is further divided into a
restaurant, a multiplex, a shopping center, and others. Hi-Fi is projected to be the
fastest-growing market for commercial applications in the forecast period. The
automotive application is further categorized into cars and others.
With the emerging trends that car manufacturers are providing wireless Hi-Fi
speaker systems to cars, the Hi-Fi system market has gained popularity in the
automotive sector. With the help of fully integrated wireless Hi-fi speakers, the
automotive industry provides consumers with luxury and comfort. Currently, all the
rich car includes completely incorporated remote frameworks and any remaining
makers give such office in their top-end models. The developing interest for
extravagant cars in vehicles and transports in non-industrial nations is required to
additional increment worldwide interest for hi-fi frameworks.
Asia-Pacific is geographically the biggest Hi-Fi market, which is also expected to
grow most across Europe and North America, among all other areas. The region has
the world’s highest population, and the region observes an increase in people’s
purchasing power with fast technological progress. Wireless and portable devices
that help make their daily lives more convenient are increasingly required for people
in this area.
North America is the world’s second-largest Hi-Fi system market. The region has
experienced considerable growth due to the sustained market growth and due to the
presence of many manufacturers in the region which seeks to give their users luxury
and comfort, which helps them improve their value. The region is increasing demand
for luxury cars, which are equipped with wireless systems and which help consumers
maximize satisfaction.
The Hifi system is operated by Onkyo Corporation, Coninklijke Philip N.V, Bowers
and Wilkins Group Ltd., Samsung Electronics Co, Ltd., Yamaha Corporation, Bose
corporation, Panasonic Corporation, Harman International Inc., LG Electronics
Corporation, DEI Holdings, Inc., Sony Corporation, and Tannoy Ltd. as major players
in the Hifi system market.
Latest News Update
Sonos announced the latest surround sound technology in a new flagship soundbar.
The Sonos Arc is the first model in the company to include Dolby Atmos – which
springs audio off the ceiling to create the impression that sounds from different
levels are emitted. The launch comes almost five years since Yamaha launched an
Atmos soundbar.
The coronavirus may have caused Sonos to close many movies. But corporate
supervisors have warned people that they can prevent them from buying such a
a premium product at that time, given their concerns about their job and personal
Last month the bank Goldman Sachs cut its rating on Sonos’s stock from buy to sell,
forecasting it will experience a 50 percent year-on-year decline in revenue during the
shutdown months. Other speakers of Google and Amazon are confronted by
competition who have launched their own wireless-linked series that are sold at
lower prices.
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