Global Cloud Telephony Service Market – Analysis and Forecast (2018-2024)

The cloud telephony services market is classified large and small and medium enterprises based on an organizational scale.

Internet-enabled voice and data communications services are cloud telephony
services where third persons host multiple applications such as the storage, telecom, and switching of telecoms. These parties’ function on a VoIP (Voice through Internet
Protocol) the scheme, which can operate virtually without a physical connection to a
network provider, by means of a public-switched telephone (PSTN). Mobile
telephone penetration around the world is also an important factor for the
advancement of the global cloud telephony industry.
The cloud telephony services market is classified large and small and medium
enterprises based on an organizational scale. Small and medium-sized companies are
projected to experience the highest growth in the forecast period, as it allows simple
business operations. By encouraging efficient and effective communication within
the company or on mobile devices, cloud services provide such organizations with a
large value and allow lower subscription costs. In addition, the rising popularity of
cloud telephony services within SMBs is boosting the growth of the global cloud
telephony industry.
The market is segmented and hosted according to the type of deployment. Cloud
the implementation creates a higher turnover over the entire expected duration in both
groups. By integrating cloud infrastructure and storage space, businesses build
stability in their business operations and develop the company’s safe and efficient
The cloud telephony market is divided into media & entertainment,
telecommunications and IT, fitness, BFSI, government, retail, education, and others
based on the end-user. The telecommunications & IT segment will be the fastest
growth during the forecast period among these segments. In this region, the
demand for cloud telephony is high, as businesses switch from conventional
communication methods to cloud telephony services because it provides enhanced
voice moderations.
In addition, businesses use the network to enhance mail, media, social, voice and
chat efficiency, which further fuel the growth of the world’s Cloud Telephony
The migration of conventional telecommunications companies to IP networks and
the growing accessibility of electricity in developing countries are key factors in the
creation of the global cloud telephony services market and are an economic
alternative to traditional telephony services, like the PSTN and ISDN. In addition, it
has brought a change in virtual telecom or cloud telephone service from
conventional telecom firms to IP networks. This technology is cheaper than
conventional telephony systems and is thus adopted by major operators worldwide.
Geographically, North America is the largest cloud telephony service sector as the
major players in terms of the internet relative to other technologies are gradually
making progress. Other factors contributing to the growth of the market in the area
are the increased use of cloud technology and the growing sector of telecoms.
In addition, the Asia-Pacific cloud service market is expected to see the most rapid
growth as technology adoption is increased and electricity access is increased. This
has also made it accessible to SEBI and further strengthened the growth of the
cloud telephony service sector due to the technological developments in cloud
services in countries such as India.
Key players in the cloud telephony industry are introducing new products to
generate substantial early acceptance revenue that further improves the quality of
their products and gains a competitive advantage. It has also been noted that key
players in the cloud services industry rely on new technologies for cost efficiencies
and thus increase market competition to a certain degree.
Microsoft Corporation, Cisco Systems, Tele Logic, 8×8, Inc, BroadSoft, Inc., Exotel
Techcom Pvt Knowlarity Communications Pvt Ltd., DIALPAD, Go 2 Business India
Pvt. Ltd. Ltd and the Company of Networks Mitel, are some of the key players in the
cloud telephony sector.
Latest News Update
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