Giffey sees “lateral thinking” called for the protection of the Constitution Free press


Berlin (dpa) – Federal Minister of Family Franziska Giffey (SPD) sees the protection of the constitution required in the movement of “lateral thinking”.

“For groups that speak out anti-constitutional or plan an attack on democracy, the protection of the constitution must intervene,” she told the Funke media group newspapers. “That’s not to say that everyone who participates in such demonstrations is seen as enemies of the constitution.”

The state must be vigilant when democracy is under attack or when democratic organs are threatened, “such as recently, when troublemakers invaded the Bundestag and tried to prevent members of parliament from continuing their work.” There has never been anything like it. “Something has to be countered.”

When asked if she sympathized with the angry people who took to the streets against the Corona measures, Giffey said, “My understanding is limited.” Everyone has the right of course to be critical of the measures. But I can’t understand this massive rejection. We now have really high mortality rates. What else needs to be done for these people to understand how dangerous this disease is? “

Supporters of “lateral thinking” and offshoots of the movement have demonstrated in many cities in recent months against constraints in the Corona crisis. Right-wing extremists and so-called Reichsburgers, recognizable by flags and symbols, often took part in the demonstrations.

The Stuttgart initiator Ballweg ‘lateral thinking’ told the dpa: ‘The movement is misrepresented. We are a peaceful movement and not a political party. Extremism, violence, anti-Semitism and inhuman ideas have as little place in the ‘lateral thinkers’ as the symbols of these ways of thinking.

But Berlin’s senator for the interior, Andreas Geisel (SPD), does not rule out future observation of the “lateral thinking” movement by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution. “We clearly see extremist and anti-Semitic tendencies. That is why the protection of the constitution needs to be looked at very carefully, ”Geisel of the German news agency said shortly before the autumn meeting of the conference of interior ministers (IMK) next week. A final assessment of demand had “not yet taken place” in Berlin.

According to Geisel, the real challenge on the subject is the distinction: who is an extremist, who is an anti-Semite and who is based on the Basic Law. “There are connections in the movement with extreme right-wing parties and people who have become visible. That is very clear. “The protection of the constitution must make it clear whether society is not dealing with a new phenomenon of extremism.

At first, the “lateral thinking” movement could be considered less of a problem, Geisel said. “At least since the summer, it’s been clear that there were people on the stages who said they didn’t recognize the basic law, they wanted a new constitution,” he stressed. “In video clips, Mr Ballweg shows himself shoulder to shoulder with the anti-Semite Martin Lejeune. Since the attacks on members of the Bundestag, it has also become clear who is out there. Everyone should know now. “

The conference of the ministers of the interior wants to discuss the issue on Thursday. The Lower Saxony Minister of the Interior Boris Pistorius (SPD) had called for a quick observation. Politicians in other states expect that a decision on a so-called test case can be made shortly. That would be the preliminary stage of a suspicious case in which the protection of the constitution could also use the resources of the secret service.