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Giffey: Faster Corona Tests in Schools and Daycare Centers | Free press

Day care centers and schools are reopening and the number of new infections continues to rise. Fast tests are therefore essential, according to Family Minister Giffey.

Berlin (dpa) – Given the surge in the number of new corona infections, Federal Minister of the Family Franziska Giffey (SPD) has called for faster tests in daycare centers and schools.

The goal should be to get childcare and school operations going again as much as possible, the SPD politician told Funke media group newspapers (Tuesday). “But that can only be done if testing is expanded before visiting daycare centers and schools to ensure greater safety for everyone, break infection chains or prevent them from developing at all.”

Children, young people and staff should be able to test themselves once or twice a week. Giffey also referred to the possibility of leaving school children at home, even if classroom instruction is offered at school. The suspension of compulsory education could give parents the opportunity to decide independently whether they want to send the children to school or leave them at home.

Giffey told the editorial network Germany (RND / Tuesday) that the question of when and how nurseries and schools or extracurricular offerings can gradually return to everyday life was crucial. “A step-by-step approach based on the infection process is therefore important – under the motto: Open, but safe.”

The Federal Parents Council also spoke out for daily corona rapid tests for school children. “Rising incidence rates are a concern for parents,” said deputy chairman Sabrina Wetzel in the Funke media group newspapers. Going to school should be safe. “Secured by daily tests in the schools for the students and all those who work in the school,” said Wetzel.

The Education and Science Union (GEW) criticized the fact that the corona policies of the federal and state governments were still flawed after a year. To date there are no national step-by-step plans which measures apply in which situation, when face-to-face, alternating and distance learning has an effect.

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