Giffey: Corona Infections in Toddlers Are Decreasing | Free press


Berlin (dpa) – The number of new corona infections exceeds a critical threshold at daycare centers in Germany. According to Family Minister Franziska Giffey (SPD), this emerges from current figures from the Corona-Kita study, which is funded by the Department of Family and Health.

“The zero to five year old group is still the least likely to be infected with the corona virus. The number of new infections here is at a national average of 59 per 100,000 inhabitants in seven days, ”Giffey told the Funke media group’s newspapers ahead of a meeting of the Corona-Kita-Rat next Friday.

This means that the seven-day incidence for day-care children is above the 50 value set by Chancellor Angela Merkel before the corona restrictions in Germany can be relaxed again. On Thursday, the Robert Koch Institute gave the seven-day incidence for all of Germany at 134.

“Among 6-10 year olds, the incidence is currently 105,” said Giffey. The trend is decreasing among children in childcare and also in this group. “If there are corona outbreaks in daycare centers, they are mostly due to adults out there, including parents, assistants and educators.”

Of the more than 56,000 daycare centers in Germany, 13,000 participate in the daycare registry, according to Giffey, 7,000 regularly report corona figures, which the German Youth Institute and the Robert Koch Institute continuously evaluate.

“According to the latest figures, only 5.8 percent of daycare centers were completely or partially closed due to infections, that is, more than 90 percent of the others had surgery,” said Giffey. “And that shows that it was good that we wanted to keep nurseries open. Day care centers are not drivers of infections. “

Giffey called for childcare professionals to be one of the first groups to be given the opportunity to get vaccinated. It is in this area of ​​activity that the staff can least protect themselves. “You don’t usually wear a face mask, because facial expressions are so important when dealing with small children.” The minister also thinks that teachers should be the first to be vaccinated.