The Federal Minister of the Family Franziska Giffey and Berlin Group Chairman Raed Saleh have been elected as the new chairmen of the regional association SPD in the capital. Giffey now also wants to be the top candidate in the election of the House of Representatives.

Berlin (dpa) – Federal Minister of Family Franziska Giffey is the new president of the Berlin SPD. The parliamentary group leader in the House of Representatives, Raed Saleh, was elected as the new co-chair, as the SPD announced.

The Berlin SPD wants to start the future with a new dual leadership. The election took place yesterday by ballot box in the SPD district offices, where delegates cast their votes. The largely digital party convention was interrupted for this purpose.

Federal Family Minister Franziska Giffey (42) and Group Chairman Raed Saleh (43) replace Michael Müller (55), who is also the reigning mayor of a red-red-green alliance. He stopped running. Next year he will run for the Bundestag. Following her election, Giffey announced that she would act as the SPD’s top candidate for the 2021 Berlin House of Representatives election.