Ghostwire: Tokyo is rolling out on March 25 – Here’s the complete news!!

Before Ghostwire: Tokyo comes out on March 25, Tango Gameworks has released a new trailer for the game. As part of Playstation’s State of Play event, a video shows some of the story.

Following the mysterious disappearance of its people, the city of Tokyo gets a scary makeover. This is what the streets look like. They are full of yokai and demonic spirits that come from Japanese folklore. The protagonist, Akito, is amidst all this. It’s been taken over by a bad spirit named KK, and players have to fight off the spirits and figure out what’s going on.

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Players will be given a set of elemental powers and magical arts, which will allow them to dislodge a wide range of attacks, including fire, wind, and water. People will also be able to use traditional tools like a bow, a mystical charm, and a grappling hook in the game.

The trailer also shows a mask-wearing group called the Hannya, whose goals aren’t clear yet. People who made the game said that they were inspired by the history of “noh-men” masks, which were used in Japanese traditional theatre. When the mask is worn in a dark theatre, it can make different expressions depending on how you look at it, like joy, anger, grief, and pleasure.

If you want to learn about the game’s lore, you can now go to Steam or the Epic Games Store to play a short version of it. A visual novel with hand-drawn animations called “Ghostwire: Tokyo – Prelude” is the name of the game. It can be downloaded for free. In general, the game lasts between 20 and 50 minutes, depending on which paths you take.

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A new game called Ghostwire: Tokyo is coming to the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Windows PCs through Steam and Epic Games Store. Shinji Mikami, the head of the studio, used to work on the unannounced Resident Evil 4 remake. It is expected to be announced in the first half of 2022.

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