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Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman has died

Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman has died

He was 75 years old and also made films like “Gémeos” or “A Policeman in the Garden School”.

Director Ivan Reitman died on Saturday, February 12. According to the international press, he died peacefully at his home at the age of 75. He is best known as the director of “The Ghostbusters”, “Gémeos” and “Um Policia no Jardim-Escola”.

Ivan Reitman was born in Czechoslovakia to a Holocaust survivor – who was in Auschwitz concentration camp – and a Nazi resistance soldier. The family immigrated to Canada when Reitman was four years old.

Evolution, In the Clouds, Stop or Mom Shoots, Fantasy Universe, Paranoia, Space Jam, and Beethoven were among the many films he has worked on during his long tenure as a producer Career. . He was currently collaborating on several projects, so his death was unexpected, his family members reiterated in a statement.

“Our family mourns the unexpected loss of a husband, father and grandfather who always taught us to look for the magic in life,” wrote children Jason, Catherine and Caroline Reitman. “We take comfort in the fact that your work as a filmmaker has brought laughter and happiness to countless others around the world. As we mourn privately, we hope those who knew him from the films will always remember him.”

Son Jason Reitman directed the new movie in the Ghostbusters saga, Ghostbusters: Legacy, which premiered last November. A making-of documentary about the first Ghostbusters is available on Netflix. It is the third episode of the first season of “Os Filmes da Nossa Infância”.


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