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Get the Nvidia Shield TV Pro now at a special price!

Watching movies, photos, listening to music, and playing video games are more than one of the indispensable entertainment options. However, in order for these moments of distraction to be optimal, the quality of the content we see and hear is extremely important in order to best meet our needs. A good resolution with realistic details and colors, accompanied by intensive sound reinforcement, is therefore important. This is where the Nvidia Shield TV Pro comes in, giving you high definition multimedia content and more.

Nvidia Shield TV Pro: Excellent picture, audio and gaming experience

If you enjoy watching good movies, this box will be perfect for your needs. The display and the sound of this box comply with the Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos standards. In other words, you have great visual comfort and exceptional sound. But its strengths don’t end there. Artificial intelligence coupled with the unparalleled NVIDIA Tegra X1 + processor enables the Shield TV Pro to scale HD content up to 4K while improving image sharpness.

If you want to switch to your console, rest assured that you have the Nvidia Shield TV Pro. You can play with all your loved ones or in multiplayer mode. All you have to do is search Google Play Games or GeForce NOW for the titles that you are most comfortable with. Not to mention, the NVIDIA-developed Clouding Gaming service allows you to save your game whenever you want. Add to that the ability to continue your game anytime, anywhere. Just plug in your controller.

Back to the cinema, this box integrates various special applications such as Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video and Google Play Movies & TV. You can enjoy the best series on your TV in 4K HDR. To connect it to other devices without cables, the box has Bluetooth technology and Wi-Fi. The biggest advantage of the Nvidia Shield TV Pro is that it is light and compact at just 137 g and measures (D × H × L): 16.5 × 4 × 4 cm.

If you stay on the practical side of this box, you’ll know it supports intelligent assistants. In particular, it is compatible with the Google Assistant and Alexa. This device also has a remote control with a built-in microphone for voice commands. You can easily navigate your TV using your remote control. If you’re clumsy enough, you’ll know the remote has a search function.

Make your decision immediately as the Nvidia Shield TV Pro costs only € 199.99 and the offer may expire quickly. Although this price is not much different from the original, you can still save € 20. If you’d rather maintain and improve the performance of your computer, the Intel Core i9 9900Kf is here.

3 good reasons to buy this box?

High resolution images with Dolby Vision Breathtaking sound with Dolby Atmos Full compatibility with Google Assistant

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