Get Ready to Update PUBG: New State on March 17 – Here’s the complete news!!

For this month’s new update, New State Mobile will be closed on March 17. In a blog post, Krafton said that the patch will add new weapons, make things better, and work with the company to make the McLaren hypercar.

The downtime, which will last from 6:30 am to 11:30 am IST, will not let any players play the game during that time. The company says that the time could even be pushed back if there are urgent problems. You should be able to get the big update automatically, but if it doesn’t, Krafton recommends force-quitting the app or restarting your phone.

A lot of people use devices that have Google Play or Apple App Stores, and the update will show up there. You can get it by going to the New State Mobile page. The new 0.9.26 patch is meant to fix problems with optimization and add a new play area called Avanpost to the Erangel map.

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Other things that have been added include the new MG3 gun, which fires 7.62mm ammunition with two different firing modes, each of which makes the weapon recoil a little different. Furthermore, the Vector and Mini-14 guns get new customization options that make them more powerful and stable.

They added new story missions to the Survivor Pass Vol. 4 last month, as part of that. Arnie “Mayhem” Kopelson, the leader of a dangerous biker gang, was the main character. It brought new skins and rewards to the game with it. This game mode was also released by the company before that. It was called “Round Deathmatch,” and it pitted eight players, four of them on each side, against each other in the Arena map.

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There was also the BR: Extreme update, which throws 64 survivors into the map and gives them 20 minutes to fight each other in. Accordingly, the play area was kept small, and there were more vehicles and supplies. As time went on, the name of the game changed. It went from PUBG: New State to New State Mobile.

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