Germany suspends deportations to Afghanistan | free press


Demands to stop the deportation of rejected asylum seekers from Germany to Afghanistan have recently become louder. Now the federal government is stepping in.

Berlin (dpa) – Due to the dramatic deterioration of the security situation in Afghanistan, Germany is no longer deporting rejected asylum seekers there.

“Due to the current developments in the security situation, the Federal Interior Minister has decided to suspend deportations to Afghanistan for the time being,” a spokesman for the Federal Interior Ministry said on Wednesday of the German news agency in Berlin. A deportation of six Afghans postponed last week is initially not made up for.

The security situation in Afghanistan has deteriorated dramatically since the decision in mid-April to withdraw international troops from Afghanistan. The militant Islamist Taliban have now regained control of nine provincial capitals.

The EU ambassadors represented in Kabul had only spoken out on Tuesday in favor of stopping the deportations. 26 organizations, including Amnesty International, Pro Asyl, Caritas and Diakonie, also pleaded for it in a joint statement.

The State Department is currently preparing a new report on the asylum situation for Afghanistan, which usually forms the main basis for decisions on expulsions. However, this report is not yet available. Since 2016, more than 1,000 migrants have been returned to Afghanistan, mostly criminals.