Germany pays record amount in EU budget | free press


Last year, more money flowed from Germany to Brussels than ever before. Two recipients of large EU payments have received particular criticism.

Brussels (dpa) – Germany paid a record amount into the budget of the European community last year, despite the corona crisis.

According to calculations by the German news agency, about 19.4 billion euros net was transferred to Brussels in 2020. On balance, France contributed about half with 9.5 billion euros, Italy with about 6.3 billion euros less than a third.

According to the dpa’s calculations, Poland was the largest net recipient in absolute numbers, taking 12.4 billion euros more from the EU budget than it paid out. This was followed by Greece with 5.6 billion euros and Romania and Hungary with about 4.7 billion euros each.

The numbers are particularly explosive because of the large flows of money to Poland and Hungary. Both states have been criticized for being accused of serious violations of the rule of law and other fundamental values ​​of the EU. That is why the voices for reducing EU payments to Hungary and Poland are currently growing louder.

“If we want to prevent Hungary and Poland from developing further into autocracies, the European Commission must immediately stop paying EU money to Warsaw and Budapest,” for example, demanded German green MEP Daniel Freund. Even Parliament’s Vice-President Katarina Barley (SPD) has recently made a clear statement in this direction.