German students imagine futuristic capsules to help the homeless

Towards Germany and especially the city of Ulm, where an initiative has just been started to help homeless people in the city to spend the night warm during this time of extreme cold. It is the municipality of this city in the south of the country that sparked the students’ imagination to offer this option.

An ideal solution to provide a warm place for the homeless

Indeed, the city of Ulm wants to help the homeless in 2019 by calling six students specializing in design to participate in projects. The aim of this project is to find a solution that will provide homeless people in the city with a warm place that can be installed every winter.

At the beginning of January, the students reveal their idea: futuristic wooden and steel capsules called Ulmer Nest. These cabins are places where, thanks to the thermal insulation, the homeless can spend the night in a dry place and provide warmth to the residents. In addition, each of them has its own telecommunication network to avoid the inmate having to use their phone packet.

For the developers of these capsules, “providing protection and security to those who need it most” is an ideal solution. In addition, this solution would be less expensive to set up than opening accommodation centers to house the homeless during periods of extreme cold.

In the city of Ulm, for example, homeless people can find three capsules that are installed in different parts of the community, for example in public parks where homeless people often sleep.

For his part, the mayor of Ulm has expressed the wish to enlarge this type of hut in the city in the coming years. We can only welcome this nice initiative.

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