Genshin Impact 2.6 is launched – What you can expect?

Almost everyone will be able to play Genshin Impact 2.6 soon, which means they can play all of the game’s new content. Among the things that will be added are new characters like Kamisato Ayato and new events like the Irodori Festival.

In the game so far, there have been a lot of unique additions. The Chasm looks like one of the most interesting ones. Some of their favorite characters and quests will also be back, as well as a lot of new adventures and interactions with each other.

Genshin Impact 2.6: A list of all the changes.

  • Merlin, Spades, and Emyers are in the game.
  • Magician of the Spades Emyers \s@MagusMyrddin
  • 2.6 Vephyr of the Violet Garden’s Patch Notes


Ready to start rolling Ayato and his weapon around the room?

There will be a lot of new things to do and see in Genshin Impact’s next update, from character-focused events to powerful new bosses and even a huge new area for you to visit. During this update, there are a lot of things to look forward to, as well as a lot of Primogems to get from all the content.

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It will help, because Kamisato Ayato and the Anemo Archon, Venti, are two of the best banners that the game has ever had.

When Genshin Impact 2.6 comes out, it will start with an event called “Hues of the Violet Garden.” This event will take players to Inazuma for literature and a dialogue-based event. If you’re a big fan of Klee and Venti, you’ll be able to see them again, as well as some new characters like Ayato and Itto.

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There will be a lot of fun things to do and great rewards from the game’s many game modes. Fans can even get a free Xingqiu from this event, making it worth their time.

In the game’s update Livestream, the Spices from the West event was hinted at. It will feature a spice and seasoning game for gamers to play. They can get a fair amount of Primogems for taking part in the event, even though it is smaller than the one before.

Update: The Vibro-Crystal Research event, which takes place outside of The Chasm, is this update’s main battle-themed event. Players fight dangerous enemies on the outside. For them to take down their enemies more quickly, they’ll need to mix and match different types of boosts. They can get a lot of Primogems for doing this.

“Outside the Canvas, Inside the Lens” is an event where you have to take 14 selfies at different places. Take a picture of your attack, skill, burst, or idle. You need to point the camera in a certain direction.

The last event in this update is called Outside the Canvas, Inside the Lens. It will be all about people taking selfies around the world of Genshin Impact and getting rewards and Primogems for each one.