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Geek’s Top Trolls Comments Top (January 2022)

The month of January has just come to an end and as in previous years, every month we continue our selection of the best comments from Trolls de Geek. The month of January 2022 seems to have inspired you. The selection, like that of December 2021, is really worth the detour. Here are the 18 best troll comments of the past month. Treat yourself !

#1 a picture please!

#2 That Saint Gerard

#3 Anything is possible

#4 can i help you? But nooooooooonnnnnnn!

#5 Team Tuning

#6 turn it off

#7 worst dad in history

#8 on acid!

#9 a chewable superhero

#10 small player

#11 little bastard

#12 best explanation ever

#13 Pun of the Month

#14 He will do anything for food

#15 Voldemort you will do the duty

#16 a kind gesture for the planet

#17 both my captain

#18 perfect fit

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