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“Gangs of London”: The perfect series for Peaky Blinders fans has arrived in Portugal

“Gangs of London”: The perfect series for “Peaky Blinders” fans has arrived in Portugal

The production debuted in April and you can already see it here on the HBO streaming platform. There are 113 deaths in the first season alone.

Series is a success

The best news of the holiday for crime series fans is that Gangs of London will be available on HBO Portugal starting Tuesday, December 8th. After a success in the UK and the US, the critically acclaimed Sky Atlantic series is finally coming to our country.

The story revolves around the Wallace family who ruled the criminal underworld in London for 20 years. They control a number of rival gangs in some sort of loose coalition who can run their business as long as they don’t affect the family’s profits.

However, everything changes with the assassination of Patriarch Finn Wallace. We know immediately that the crime was committed by a young man named Darren from the tour group, but no one knows who ordered and orchestrated the execution.

Instinctively, the Wallaces suspect that it was the Albanians, since death happened on their territory, but nothing is certain and everyone suspects everyone. Finn’s murder changes the rules of the game and various factions – many of them international – will try to gain as much power as possible while the business is affected.

Here comes actor Joe Cole. If in “Peaky Blinders” it was John, one of the Shelby brothers, the family that leads the most dangerous gang in Birmingham – and which over the years and years has turned into a national power and attained the highest levels of political and diplomatic intrigue – , in “Gangs of London” is Sean Wallace, a dangerous and impulsive gangster who is from London and lives today (and not in the early 20th century).

Sean is the heir to Finn Wallace, who must take control of the family’s criminal realm, despite many obstacles to overcome. He will have the support of Finn’s former crime partner Ed, his longtime friend, but who may have different opinions than you.

Elliot Finch (played by Sope Dirisu) is another important character in the plot as he will be an ally of Sean on this journey and will quickly rise up the ladder of organized crime in London following the death of the Wallace family patriarch.

Tension and doubt among everyone are a constant in this series, which features several violent scenes that have gained wide acclaim. There are 113 deaths in this first season alone, which in itself will be explanatory.

The cast of this exciting series also includes names like Lucian Msamati, Paapa Essiedu, Ray Panthaki, Michelle Fairley, Pippa Bennett-Warner, Brian Vernel, Jing Lusi, Narges Rashidi, Colm Meaney or Orli Shuka.

The second season is already planned, although the premiere should not take place until 2022 due to the pandemic.



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