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Gamers are licking the next update and drawing the wrath of the studio

With the 1.1 update released earlier this month, Genshin Impact brings its first new features. A major update that brings a new story, new characters, new gear to a popular event. But the news has to keep arriving for players who leaked the information to have the wrath of the studio on them.

a leak that could cost dearly to the first person affected

In order to fix the bugs and get the general opinion on the new features, the Chinese studio miHoYo is asking players to test the 1.2 update planned for next month. A closed beta, to which some lucky ones have access to pick up the next news from Genshin Impact. Issue: Two players have leaked confidential information and face the wrath of the studio.

In order to gain access to this closed beta phase, players had to sign a confidentiality clause for good reason. If this information is lost, you face legal action. The Chinese studio has already announced that it will do whatever is necessary to punish those players whose guilt can no longer be proven. miHoYo also took the opportunity to publicize these players by revealing part of their nickname, home server, and even partial information from their live and beta servers.

A post published on Facebook exposed these players:

Server: Celestia Server / Nickname: Live *** 千 鶴 / Live Server UID: 100 *** 556 / Beta Server UID: 1 *** 31Server: America / Nickname: J ** z / Live Server UID: 600 ** * 200 / Beta Server UID: 2 *** 28

Given this information leak, miHoYo recalls that the information found during this closed beta period may change. Hence, it is advisable to turn to official sources for the true information. Building on its rapid growth, Genshin Impact is now taking leaks very seriously. This leak serves as an example and shows players who take part in the test phases that the studio is not letting go of anything.


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