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Gal Gadot victim of threats from Joss Whedon while filming

Who did Joss Whedon have trouble with on the Justice League set? According to Ray Fisher, who plays cyborg in the film and confirmed that the director who followed Zack Snyder was “rude, abusive, unprofessional,” the actor could count on the support of Gal Gadot, who played the famous Amazon and Jason Momoa is playing. who plays Aquaman. Today a new report from The Hollywood Reporter tells us that the actress who wears the Wonder Woman costume has seen her career threatened by the filmmaker.

Threat to the career of the actress and disparagement

As reported in the American media, Joss Whedon and Gal Gadot quarreled during the Justice League re-shoots after the departure of Snyder, the film’s first director. The latter had given up on the post-production project. Whedon is hired to oversee the development of the film and decides to change almost 75% of Snyder’s original idea. If Warner had given Whedon the green light in hopes the film would get closer to the Avengers, the shower would have been cold as the studio took note of the criticism and negative opinions from fans.

The Justice League has been talked about a lot since it was released in theaters, and not necessarily forever. In addition to the negative notes, remember the case between Ray Fisher and Joss Whedon. But a priori, according to THR, the director would have attacked Gal Gadot and his career.

Indeed, the actress was not happy with the orientation her character took, as well as the lines given to her at the time of the re-admission. The filmmaker and actress clashed on the set, and Whedon would have threatened Gadot’s career if she hadn’t bowed to his plans.

The report also highlights the fact that Whedon attacked Patty Jenkins, director of Wonder Woman and close relationship with the actress, by denigrating her work. A source close to the production also overheard the director brag about his run-in with Gal Gadot and that he had purposely written her lines that he knew they would not appreciate!

We imagine that if Whedon had really taken over Gadot’s career, it would not have had a significant impact on the actress’ professional life. And for good reason: Wonder Woman was released a few months before the Justice League and was the DCEU’s most popular film. Chances are the fans would have lined up behind her.


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