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Gal Gadot called for peace between Israel and Palestine – and was offended by everyone

Gal Gadot called for peace between Israel and Palestine – and was offended by everyone

The actress and the former Israeli military had to block posting on Instagram to prevent insults in the comments.

The actress is embroiled in controversy

“My heart is broken. My country is at war,” the Israeli actress’ message began on Instagram. As the confrontation between Israelis and Palestinians intensifies, public figures are making their mark. However, Gal Gadot’s opinion turned out to be that most controversial.

The bombings of the past few days have already caused 83 deaths in Gaza, including 17 children, and seven other Israeli deaths. With no end in sight and with many anticipating an Israeli invasion of Palestinian territory, sentiment remains high.

“This is a vicious circle that has lasted too long. Israel deserves to live as a free and secure nation. Our neighbors too, ”continued Gadot, who was criticized by many for not even mentioning Palestine and Palestinians by name. “I pray for the victims and their families, I pray that this hostility will end. I pray that our leaders will find the solution so that we can live side by side in peace. I pray for better days “

“Gal Gadot is wrong. Israel is not at “war” with Palestine. Israel massacres Palestine. Again, ”wrote singer James Kennedy. The flood of negative comments was so great that Gadot was forced to block publication.

Not without hearing more criticism beforehand, which later spread on Twitter. “The Israeli military woman who became Hollywood’s millionaire Wonder Women sends insignificant thoughts and prayers as the Israeli apartheid regime she supports continues ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians and bombs the people of Gaza in an open prison,” signed journalist Ben Norton .

Despite being part of the Israeli army for two years – a period of compulsory military training for all Israelis turning 18 – in 2019 he got into a controversy with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by promoting the upgrading of the Israeli-Arab community called for the elections, something the ruler disliked.

Given Gadot’s position, many made a comparison with compatriot Natalie Portman, who preferred to share a publication explaining what is the root of this new conflict: Israel’s violent response to protests attempting the expulsion of Palestinians to prevent from a neighborhood in Jerusalem.

Another celebrity who spoke up was Bella Hadid, the daughter of a Palestinian father: “Future generations will ponder in disbelief how we keep the Palestinian suffering last for so long.”

Mark Ruffalo was also one of the toughest critics. The actor turned to social media to accuse Israel of promoting apartheid similar to South Africa’s. “1,500 Palestinians could be expelled from Jerusalem. 200 protesters were injured. 9 children died. The sanctions against South Africa helped free the blacks – it is time to sanction Israel to free the Palestinians. “


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