From TVI to SIC: Joana de Verona will play an important role in a new series


From TVI to SIC: Joana de Verona will play an important role in a new series

It’s called “Vanda” and there is no release date yet. Gabriela Barros and João Baptista are also in the cast.

Actress Joana de Verona, who worked on the TVI soap opera “Bem Me Quer”, was hired by SIC to take part in a new series on the Opto streaming platform. The project is called “Vanda” and the recording started in early August of this year.

There is no release date or plot details yet, but it is already known that names like Gabriela Barros and João Baptista will be part of the cast. “Vanda” is a production by SPi, La Panda and Legendary Pictures.

SIC also recently started recording another series for Opto. “A Lista” brings Júlia Palha and Carolina Loureiro together. The focus of the narrative is the story of a young adult who moved to Lisbon some time ago. The protagonist and her old circle of friends eventually lose contact. However, after receiving news of the unexpected death of Patricia, who was part of the group, the remaining friends get together.

“The List”, which is in the title of the series, is a list of things Patricia left behind that she would have liked to have done with these friends. So the group decides to grant their wishes – but along the way they will come across unexpected revelations. Further details about the project are not yet known.

The third season of “O Clube” is also being prepared, which will also include newcomer Lourenço Ortigão, who recently left TVI.

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