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from trash to luxury – without losing the focus on cleanliness

Money doesn’t change people. If you think otherwise, avoid Eu, Georgina, the new Netflix series starring Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner. The story is easy to summarize: A rich man falls in love with a poor woman. The variants are many, theirs is just one more. Ronaldo has – with merit – reached millions. Gio invested in the looks the genetic lottery gave him (his sister didn’t have that much wealth) and he was in the right place at the right time.

Georgina is self-confident in front of the camera: it all began half a dozen years ago, “when, thanks to love”, her life became a dream. I’ll tell you right now that it has nightmarish contours. I’m certainly not a fan of air travel – but I’ve never flown in a private jet either (that’s probably why).

(Only) work until you find a charming prince, and then take care of the household and the children: your legitimate claim, as valid as any, especially when the alternative is to work in a shop (even if it is is a luxury brand).

“I’m very maternal, I’ve always wanted to have children, since I’ve been a mother I make all the decisions and I think about the children,” she repeats as a mantra. He speaks to his tribe and he couldn’t be clearer: to conquer a rich man (if possible a millionaire) and have children with him is “the” goal.

“It is ideal and suitable staff to raise our children well,” praises the companion. Georgina is a woman who “gives her stability to raise the children” and that is “spectacular”. We’re not sure if Ronaldo fell in love or if he found a surrogate mother for the children he arranged. The perfect fairy tale, with less music at heart (and fewer children for now) – but plenty of diamonds to shine.

The part of the narrative that the influencer didn’t want to show to the cameras but left open is less bling-bling and a lot harder. And I’m not saying that, it’s science: Being born and raised low (no euphemisms, being poor) affects brain development and consequently the way we interact with the world. I won’t bore you with details, contact Dr. Google if you’re really interested in the neuroscience of inequality or the sociology of poverty. And now that I’ve shown you how intellectually awkward I can be on any subject, let’s get to what interests you.

To be honest, Georgina may have left the neighborhood, but she won’t be leaving the neighborhood anytime soon — at least judging by the sample. Despite the mansions, all possible and imaginary traces in the closet, the jewelry, little has changed inside. She’s still the girl who mopped the floor, opened the windows to let it dry quickly, and waited for the suitor who would come with a big displacement like Cinderella.

He’s learned a few things on the side, he knows how difficult it is to buy a Birkin, but he doesn’t want “shelves of books” or a lot of things in the house “so he doesn’t have to clean the dust”. . The phrase has become a meme and perfectly sums up a certain class ethos that Georgina adamantly touts: I’m just like you, I use a feather duster too, I put the dishes in the dishwasher, and I wrap the plates in newspaper so they don’t Don’t break into the change. Small detail: Saint Hermés. Irrelevant as one even regrets using them. It reminds her of those great-grandmothers who would have fits when the Vista Alegre service they received as a wedding gift came out of the closet.

Gio must have had a similar heart condition but caused by strawberries: it’s amazing the agony he remembers staining a cashmere rug with. I admire those who manage to occupy the mental space with this real catastrophe. But that’s me, who prefers to wear goat hair and step on polyester. likes She and the production team doubt the “reality” that has little that is real and much that is surreal. The decorator’s visiting plans are incomprehensible: from constantly dragging the measuring tape around (as if the quality of the furniture were measured in centimeters) to the moment when they both choose luxury fabrics for cats at the garage door. There has to be a plausible explanation for the shooting of scenes like this (plus the OLX sales pitch) – but it completely eludes me.

Not to mention the flow of the conversation debating the authenticity of the influencer (one of the most staged dialogues). Gio in a fur coat, lying like a diva on the deck of the yacht moored in Monaco, recounts an eschatological scene to his friends – proof that his personality has not changed. As if we need them. Luxury has done nothing for its obsession with junk. The obsession with cleanliness is symptomatic — research it, explains Freud (yes, I’m still uncomfortable).


Georgina goes all out for a “very own style” that “mixes jewelry with tracksuits.” TikTok leggings two sizes smaller, dresses too tight, pants worn with the help of a shoehorn and any logo: it wears everything with the elegance of a ham (she said so herself – but let’s leave the charcuterie for later).

A peculiar (and hideous) aesthetic that “many people don’t understand and never will.” But it’s simple: the sense of taste is acquired but not bought (come back Bourdieu, be forgiven). Ramon Jordana says so.

The influencer’s agent stars in one of the most dramatic moments of the series: he despairs when he realizes that Georgina is preparing to walk the Cannes red carpet in lettuce and is being exposed to a radioactive compound. Apparently this Ali Karui (who?) creation was Ronaldo’s favourite. Jordana almost breaks down trying to explain that they’re not on their way to prom. Gio wants to present the bronze in the best cheesy “High School Good” style (and show his classmates: I’m here!). Ramón wants the Jean Paul Gautier dress to help her climb the levels of the star system. She looks down where she came from; him wherever she arrives. Here’s Georgina showing how it’s possible to take Jaca’s foot off without curing a hangover. Yes, because no one can pack that much stuffed stuff without shoving with triple glasses.

The girl loves to eat and “isn’t worried about her weight” aside from the 15 days she spent “with her mouth closed” trying to get into her Cannes dress (spoiler alert: the Gautier). I don’t mind, except for one thing: her (and her children’s) diet doesn’t seem to be the healthiest in the world. I want to believe that in addition to strawberries, children also eat vegetables, and not just pasta, as is often the case.

Obviously, the series only shows what Georgina wants. Despite the eagerness with which he talks about cleaning and the self-praise for the way he takes care of his children, no one in their right mind believes he doesn’t have a battalion of domestic servants at his service ( except for the bodyguard twins and the younger children’s English governess). I confess: It is something that enchants. Why hide the obvious? But at second glance it makes sense. “Do not ask those who have already asked, and serve those who have served,” my grandmother summed up. The plans with the servants shouldn’t fit into the rosy narrative with its insane clicking.

Gio, who can buy anything he wants thanks to Ronaldo’s money, makes it a point to show that he doesn’t know (or pretends not to know) the basics: a lot of money is primarily for that, the most intangible good to buy mankind – time .


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