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From sexualization and Soviet violence to protagonism: the rise of the black widow

From sexualization and Soviet violence to protagonism: the rise of the black widow

The first film of the Marvel character, played by Scarlett Johansson, hits theaters this Thursday.

The film will launch in theaters and on Disney +.

After several years as Black Widow in various Marvel films, the character played by Scarlett Johansson is entitled to the film itself. “Black Widow” opens in theaters this Thursday, July 8th. The next day arrives at Disney + – but with exclusive access. In addition to having an active account, you will have to pay an additional cost to see the production.

Directed by Cate Shortland, the story follows Natasha Romanoff on her missions between the Civil War and the War of Infinity. It’s another chapter of the increasingly complex and versatile MCU (Marvel Cinematographic Universe).

11 years after her first appearance in “Iron Man 2”, the protagonist Scarlett Johansson reflects on the development of her character and says that she was initially very “sexualized” and the way she is portrayed has changed.

“It’s definitely changed and I think part of that change is likely … It’s hard because I’m here, but I think a lot of that has to do with me too,” he said while touring the set of an American Press group. “I am a mother and my life is different. More than ten years have passed, things have happened and I have a better and different self-image. I’m in a different place in my life, ”summarized the actress.

And he added, “All of this has to do with the move away from hypersexualization of this character. You watch ‘Iron Man 2’ and it was great fun and had great moments, but the character is so sexualized. It is presented as if it were a rock tail ”.

If this is no longer an issue for Scarlett Johansson, with a “Black Widow” debuting after the #MeToo movement that changed many mindsets and ways of working in Hollywood, the way Black Widow’s character is portrayed is something , which is also from the Marvel Comics.

Natasha Romanoff is a somewhat ghostly character. She was born an orphan in the Soviet Union and was taken in by a man who trained her. Her talents caught the attention of the KGB intelligence agency, which recruited her. After World War II, she was trained at a facility called the Red Room.

It was there that her Super Soldier Serum was injected, which gave her superhuman strength, disease resistance and delayed aging. Natasha has memories of training as a dancer, but it’s uncertain if she ever was, as her mind was changed by the government – so the memories may have been implemented.

In addition, the character had an arranged marriage to Alexei Shostakov (who appears in this new film). Although it was a happy relationship, the KGB faked his death during a missile launch test to make him the Red Guard, the Soviet version of Captain America.

Natasha’s grief over her husband’s (false) death made her increasingly dependent and tied to the Red Room Academy, and she eventually won the Black Widow title.

Although her training made her a master of combat and an expert on all sorts of missions, it was an intense and brutal experience that left her scars all her life.

After switching barricades and joining the American Avengers, the good guys, the Black Widow began chasing those they trained in the Red Room. However, the KGB persisted in letting her go. First he blackmailed Natasha Romanoff. Then they brainwashed him. Despite everything, Natasha managed to survive the horrors of the KGB and turn it into a determined person with a past well dealt with.

Marvel has always portrayed the geopolitical reality of real life in the decades of hundreds and hundreds of books being published. The KGB even used ultra-aggressive techniques to train its recruits – there are even reports that intelligence agencies let their agents break through so they knew what the experience was like and they were trained to make it more resilient. There is even a film depicting this process, with Jennifer Lawrence in the lead role, “The Red Agent”.

The cast of the new “Black Widow” also includes Florence Pugh, David Harbor, Rachel Weisz, William Hurt, Ryan Kiera Armstrong, OT Fagbenle and Yolanda Lynes.

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