From parking lot to festival: countries are planning new vaccination offers | free press


Berlin (dpa) – Given the declining demand for corona vaccinations in Germany, several states are preparing new, simpler offers for those who have not yet decided. Actions are being planned, among other things, in parking lots, at events, in mansions, churches and mosques or in employment offices, according to the responsible ministries. The aim is to provide additional, uncomplicated vaccination options without having to worry about appointments in practices and vaccination centers – there too, after months of waiting, appointments are now often easier to get, as several countries emphasize.

Rush goes back

The SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach called for creative solutions. “Where the young people are, it should be possible for them to get vaccinated, with mobile vaccination teams, without any effort,” he said on Thursday evening in the ZDF’s Maybrit Illner program. Lauterbach mentioned shisha bars and entertainment areas. The chairman of the social association VdK, Verena Bentele, suggested in the editorial network Germany (RND) to set up mobile vaccination stations in supermarkets and pedestrian zones.

Nationally, the rush for vaccinations has decreased somewhat. In some cases, authorities point to the holiday season that has begun or that many determined people have already been vaccinated. An overview of some ideas for getting started with vaccinations in the field.

Lenz calls for ‘paradigm shift’

In BRANDENBURG, the Ministry of Health wants to start a new vaccination campaign after the end of the summer holidays, which will target young people for the first time. “We want a paradigm shift: the vaccine should come to the people, not the people to the vaccine as before,” said ministry spokesman Dominik Lenz of the German news agency. The aim is uncomplicated offers: “Vaccination in parking lots, on the beach and at festivals, without an appointment”, says Lenz about the current considerations. One is in talks with the municipalities.

In HAMBURG, mobile teams will leave for various actions, said a spokesman for the health authority of the dpa. Vaccination offers are planned for up to 40,000 benefit claimants from the end of July – appointments should be possible as usual directly with the job center, so vaccinations will take place close to home at the job center’s usual location. At the same time, vaccination offers are planned in mansions and, in further steps, in parent schools, churches or mosques. The goal is to reach people who are ready to be vaccinated, but who have not yet initiated appointments.

Worthy setting

Completely “spontaneous” vaccination campaigns like those on marketplaces are currently not planned in Hamburg, the spokesperson explains. “There must be a dignified framework for our offerings and there must be appropriate history, information and documentation – particularly to ensure that the second vaccination is carried out.” Bonuses for getting vaccinated are not currently planned.

RHEINLAND-PFALZ is considering the use of vaccination cans so that people can be vaccinated without registration, for example on market places or in shopping streets. Health Minister Clemens Hoch (SPD) said this idea is currently under investigation. In addition, the Federal Employment Office and the information boards check which actions are possible in their domain. You should probably also be able to choose a vaccination center from next week. Until now, this was linked to the place of residence. When registering, a traffic light system must indicate how long you have to wait for appointments in which center.

Vaccination in the shopping center

In SACHSEN-ANHALT, districts are already advertising different campaigns, as a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Social Affairs said – from vaccination in the shopping center to extended opening times of vaccination centers or vaccination days when no appointment is needed. In BADEN-WÜRTTEMBERG, the Ministry of Social Affairs said about the vaccination centers: “If you haven’t looked for appointments lately, now you have good chances again.” Vaccination campaigns must also come, for example for supermarkets or other central and easily accessible places, as Minister Manne Lucha (Greens) said about the “Stuttgarter Zeitung” and the “Stuttgarter Nachrichten”.

In SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN there are already vaccination offers at universities. Mobile teams have also specifically vaccinated harvest workers, a ministry spokesman said. ‘Neighbourhood vaccinations’ in residential areas could also vaccinate people who would not otherwise be vaccinated. In some vaccination centers you can also be vaccinated without an appointment during so-called open-door campaigns. According to the ministry, vaccinations in pedestrian areas are not currently planned.

DRK investigates missed appointments

In SACHSEN, several actors are invited to a vaccination summit on 20 July. Chancellor Oliver Schenk (CDU) does not believe in restrictions against vaccinators, as he said in Dresden. They prefer to work with incentives, which has a better chance of success. The German Red Cross (DRK) is currently investigating how many appointments have been missed. Until now, this could not be validly quantified, a spokesperson said. There are many people who reschedule appointments and then have themselves vaccinated at a different time or place. According to current estimates, about five percent of booked appointments have expired.

In North Rhine-Westphalia, according to Health Minister Karl-Josef Laumann (CDU), 150,000 appointments are still available this week and 212,000 have been allocated in the vaccination centers. “That means people have absolutely no problem booking a vaccination appointment.” More than 300,000 appointments could be made next week. The situation is also easing for general practitioners and company doctors. For the first time, the availability of the vaccine no longer determines the amount of vaccinations. In Thuringia, offers such as a special student vaccination day were recently treated with caution.