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From “Green Book” to “West Side Story”, RTP broadcasts Oscar-winning films

From the “Green Book” to the “West Side Story”: RTP broadcasts films that have won an Oscar

The award ceremony can be seen on the public channel. Before that there are many winners to be seen.

“Green Book” is one of the films that you can see.

The big movie night will take place on April 25th, Sunday, with the Oscars. The ceremony will air on RTP1 more than 20 years later. Mário Augusto and Catarina Furtado will host the night in a show that starts at midnight in the early hours of April 26th. During this week the public channel will broadcast several award-winning films, from classics to newer productions.

On RTP1, this Sunday April 18th, you can see “Africa Minha” by Sydney Pollack, which won seven statuettes. The next day, 7pm, another classic, this time from Orson Welles, “The World at Your Feet”. On Tuesday and Wednesday, 20th and 21st, two films by David Lean. First, “Lawrence of Arabia”, winner of seven Academy Awards; and then and “The Bridge on the River Kwai” with the same number of prizes.

West Side Story, the musical that won 10 Oscars, will air on April 22nd. “O Caçador” by Michael Cimino and with Robert De Niro will be shown on Friday 23rd. On Saturday the 24th, it will be the turn of “Green Book – A Guide to Life”, which won three Academy Awards.

With “Cinema Paraíso”, which won the Oscar for best foreign film in 1990, RTP2 also joins this film cycle.

The broadcast, dedicated to RTP’s Oscars, starts online as early as 9 p.m. and includes some details on the nominees and favorite bets. Then you can still see the red carpet before the prizes are awarded.

The main nominees this year include films such as “Mank”, “Minari”, “Sound of Metal”, “Nomadland – Survival in America”, “The Father”, “Judas and the Black Messiah” or “The 7 of Chicago” “. This is the 93rd largest cinema award ceremony.


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