Friedrich Merz: Union really has to fight now | free press


Olpe (AP) – Former Union faction leader Friedrich Merz called on his party for a courageous election campaign six weeks before the federal elections: “Now hopefully in a few days it will be clear to everyone: the 2021 federal elections have not decided .”

“Almost everything is possible. Nothing comes by itself,” warned the CDU politician on Saturday evening during an election event in Olpe, North Rhine-Westphalia. Now you have to reach the people, mobilize and familiarize yourself with the differences between the political parties.

“Campaign is fighting first. Perhaps we underestimated that a bit in recent years. We should not underestimate it this year,” emphasized Merz. “It didn’t work.” Elections are usually not won by the opposition, but lost by the government. “It’s all up to us.” Merz thanked the chancellor-candidate Armin Laschet for having presented himself “very combative” beforehand. “I was really happy with that. To put it more quietly: that was also necessary.”

The CDU and CSU should have the courage to “implement a perfectly normal civilian policy in this country,” Merz demanded. “Not hip and not sexy and never panicking, but perfectly normal for the normal working family man, for the mother who works with her husband and takes care of the family, those who on September 26 may not know how to reach September 30.” These people should have a “very safe political house” with the CDU and CSU.

Merz called on the Union not to look for and discover new “gaps in the justice system” every day. There is a very well equipped welfare state in Germany that has to be supported and paid for by 82 million people. The CDU and CSU should say for the next few years: “Now priority will be given to those who generate the national product of the Federal Republic of Germany. And not the ones who keep developing new ideas to spread it even better and more expensive.”

Deportation of certain perpetrators

At the same time, Merz demanded the consequent deportation of certain foreign offenders. In Germany you need an immigration law, but you also have to say “who can’t have permanent residence in Germany”.

That is not inhumane, ‘it is the basic requirement for living together in a society and for the cohesion of a state’. In this context, Merz mentions as examples of criminal offenses that are also seen: “Every day so-called gang rape, every day honor killings or attempts”.

That comes from a “certainly very small, very small proportion of the largely illegal immigrants to Germany”. These must “please leave the country as soon as possible”, “they must of course be punished, but they must leave the country because they will eventually have no place in this Federal Republic of Germany”.

Earlier, Merz had argued for a “really good immigration law”. “The German labor market needs at least 150, probably 200,000 immigrants a year to survive.” Merz went on to say that all the “immigration countries in the world that are doing better than us” defined immigration from the interests of the immigration state and not from the interests of the immigrants. “That’s the secret to the success of these immigration countries that they say who they want.”