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Fridays for Future: First Global Climate Strike of the Year | Free press

Berlin / Copenhagen (dpa) – With creative campaigns around the world, the climate movement Fridays for Future has voiced its call for more climate protection efforts.

Organizers say there were over 1,000 rallies and art and poster campaigns in about 50 countries on Friday, with activists like Swedish pioneer Greta Thunberg sharing photos and impressions on social networks. Also in Germany, hundreds in more than 200 cities took part in the so-called climate strike, some of which has been moved to the internet because of the corona. There were major campaigns in Hamburg, Dresden and Berlin, among others.

As Fridays for Future was invited to a hybrid protest with a large digital presence, the number of participants could not be precisely quantified, a spokesman for the German news agency said. It was the first global climate strike day in nearly six months.

German climate activist Luisa Neubauer swore her fellow campaigners to the super election year 2021. Times are bleak, but the major international protest is only “the beginning of a year in which we have so much to do,” Neubauer said at a rally in Berlin. Fridays for Future will organize itself this year “in the structures and institutions” and help shape climate policy. “We will challenge the government.” In addition to an art campaign designed to meet the needs of pandemics on a Berlin bridge, Neubauer said that in a world full of crises and ’empty promises’, global climate protest was essential.

The protesters expressed their protest at creative activities, including bicycle demonstrations in, for example, Mainz and Giessen. In the center of Hamburg, the activists created a sixty-meter-long lettering with the message “We all for 1.5 degrees C”.

With this campaign, Fridays for Future is calling on the world community not to let global warming exceed 1.5 degrees Celsius. In Dresden, activists said they wanted to protest at 1,000 crossroads in the city in the afternoon.

The predominantly young climate fighters received support from numerous environmental and human rights organizations. Several associations, including the Federal Association of Citizens’ Initiative Environmental Protection (BBU), called on the parties to take the protest seriously in the 2021 federal election year.

Solidarity also came from the political opposition. Left-wing climate politician Lorenz Gösta Beutin, like the protesters, criticized the federal government’s earlier climate protection measures. Merkel-Groko will go down in history as the government that slept carefree in the escalating climate crisis. It needs a wake-up call, ”Beutin said.

The protests spread across different continents, especially in those regions of the world where the effects of the climate crisis are already being felt today. There were protests in Asian countries such as Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and the Philippines, as well as in Kenya, Africa and South America.

In Greta Thunberg’s hometown, Stockholm, protesters set up protest signs in the central square of Sergels Torg, which read, among other things, “Science does not stand still” and “Time is running out”. Thunberg was also there at one point. “We work shifts to avoid crowds and keep our numbers as low as possible,” the 18-year-old wrote on Twitter. As revealed in a tweet from scientists at the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) in Bremerhaven, researchers in the Arctic and Antarctic waters once again supported the protests.

Fridays for Future had called for the first global climate protest of the year this Friday. Under the motto #NoMoreEmptyPromises – no more empty promises – the organizers wanted to protest against the promotion of fossil fuels and what they saw as a lack of and inadequate climate policy.


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