Fridays for Future: «Financial sector is selling our future» | free press


Colorful protest between bank towers: countless activists in Frankfurt have taken to the streets in the fight against climate change. They also see the responsibility for the ‘fossil financial sector’.

Frankfurt (dpa) – Countless people took to the streets in Frankfurt on Friday during a central climate strike by the Fridays for Future movement.

This time the focus was on protests “against the fossil financial sector”. According to preliminary figures, the police spoke of 4,500 participants. “At the moment everything is going smoothly and without any problems,” said a spokesperson. Fridays for Future’s figures differed significantly from those of the police. The climate activists numbered about 15,000 participants.

The protesters see the financial and banking sector as responsible for global warming: “The financial sector in Frankfurt is actively financing the climate crisis and selling our future,” said Annika Rittmann of Fridays for Future. After stardom and rallies by the predominantly young climate advocates, a large demonstration began in the banking district in the late afternoon. The activists, who mainly wore masks, had colorful banners and posters with texts such as “Planet over Profit”, “Time is running! Climate protection now!” or “If the earth was a bank, you would have saved it long ago”.

According to Fridays for Future, members of more than 70 local groups across Germany had come to Frankfurt. Groups such as Greenpeace, Seebrücke and verdi.jugend also supported the protests.