FREE !!! The Samsung Pad wireless induction charger costs 0 euros

The Samsung Pad QI-certified wireless induction charger was recently offered to you for less than 5 euros. We’re going to make it even harder today as it’s FREE!

Samsung Pad: an extra flat charger

The Samsung Pad is a wireless induction charger that can be used to charge any smartphone compatible with this technology. All you have to do is put your phone on it and wait. In addition, this model is extra flat, so it’s perfect if you want to install it on your desk or bedside table. The dimensions are 11.9 mm thick and 88 mm in diameter. Very useful when you are on the go and don’t want to bother with a wired charger anymore.

For the price it’s simple, it’s FREE thanks to a lower price (20 euros) and a refund offer (20 euros) that is easy to request as it is done directly on the Samsung website. Usually it costs between 25 and 35 euros. And to listen to your playlist in your room or with your friends, here’s a listing for a nomad speaker from Ultimate Ears.

Proceed as follows:

3 good reasons to succumb

Easy wireless charging

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